The American dream losing its shine? Fewer Indians seek US jobs

Meanwhile, there has been a rise in searches for similar roles in Canada, UAE, UK, Singapore, Australia and Qatar, the Indeed data reveals.  
Job applicants
Job applicants
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The number of Indian job seekers seeking work in the United States of America has markedly declined over the past year (2019 - 2020). While it remains the favourite destination for Indians looking at jobs abroad, there has been a substantial fall in the share of searches for jobs in the United States, job site Indeed India’s data reveals. As per the data, June 2020 job searches for US fell to 42% from a high of 58% in January 2019 - a downward trend that predates impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and corresponds with uncertainty around, and tightening of the US immigration policy.

However, Indian job seekers continue to be keen to explore work opportunities across the globe, making up a significant number of those employed in various sectors such as technology, administration and management, sales and consumer marketing, and so on internationally. Over the same period, there was a rise in searches for these roles in Canada, the UAE, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Qatar. 

In the month of June, while the US reported 42% job searches from India, it was followed by Canada, UAE and the UK with 17%, 13% and 10% job searches out of India respectively.

As a group, Indian job seekers are highly focused on technology in their job searches – almost 9 of the top 10 clicked jobs by Indians to the USA are related to tech roles. While looking for employment abroad, there is greater demand for jobs in this sector, especially for niche roles.  

The top 5 job roles that appealed to Indian job seekers looking to apply in the USA include Full stack developer, Development operations engineer, Business analyst, Java developer and Front end developer. 

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India commented, “India is a unique market, not only in terms of its large and youthful labour pool, but also in the way that it is woven into the global economy. It is one of the few countries in the world that has a very high rate of mobility; people from India are willing to work in different parts of the world and return home for opportunities as well. This two-way migration connects us to the global labour force and means India holds tremendous potential in terms of supplying the world’s talent.”

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