Shruti will be playing a trained assassin whose job as a waitress is cover for her real identity.

America calling Shruti Haasan interview on new show Treadstone
Flix Interview Friday, June 21, 2019 - 18:20

You’ve seen her grace the silver screen in Hindi and south Indian films, but now, she has a bigger canvas and she’s understandably thrilled to bits about it.

Actor and singer Shruti Haasan has signed her first American project, ABC Network’s Treadstone which is being penned by Heroes creator Tim Kring. The first big star from the south film industries to make it to Hollywood, Shruti will play Nira Patel.

“I have these lovely agents in America who send over stuff to me. This character is something I found interesting right from the word go. I was in London in the middle of my music shows and was so stressed with everything when I got the call about this role. But I’m the kind of person who takes on as much as I can, so I auditioned and a couple of weeks later, I got a call saying I got the part,” reveals Shruti.

A spin-off of the Jason Bourne series, the show sees Shruti play Nira Patel, a young woman whose job as a waitress in Delhi is cover for her double life as a trained assassin.

“The show revolves around a CIA Black ops programme called Treadstone. It’s a really nice team with a lot of action and I’m really excited for it. Mine is a recurring guest role. The whole setup is amazing and we will start shooting soon. The preparation for the show is mostly physical. It’s an action series - if you remember the original films, it had some awesome action, so I’ll be doing a lot of action training,” reveals Shruti.

Interestingly, when Shruti heard that she had bagged the role, she was spending time with her dad Kamal Haasan in Chennai. “He as usual was very nonchalant and said - good job. He normally tells other people that he’s proud of me, he doesn’t tell me – typical Indian dad,” laughs the actor, who reveals that her father has been a major influence on the kind of choices she’s made so far.  

In fact, the legendary Kamal was the one who asked her to take a break from doing so many films. “I was doing seven of them at one point and dad said I must re-assessmy career. He’s someone who has brilliantly managed his career for several years, so I took his advice and got back to music. He’s been encouraging and has never thought that international borders are far away – he’s had a global way of thinking,” says Shruti.

While the artiste has been busy with her music shows in London and other places, she says she’s in no rush to put out a half-baked project. “I’m enjoying playing for live audiences. And it’s so amazing to see that even though my music hasn’t released – the last time I did a show, people sang along to the chorus! God has been very kind,” she says.

On the Indian film front, Shruti has Laabam, a Tamil film with Vijay Sethupathi. Having finished one schedule, she’s thankful to be playing a modern but conscientious person. “The director’s commitment and passion towards telling stories is phenomenal. Vijay is a very giving and generous actor - not at all selfish. We didn’t know each other at all, but although I realised he’s friendlier than I am, he was also quite reserved. In a couple of days, we got to know each other’s rhythm. I noticed that he’s very helpful and wants everybody to do well - which is not a common thing,” says the actor.

A self-confessed TV show addict, the spunky fashionista reveals that if she had to choose a genre she’d like to explore as an artiste, it would be sci-fi. “I’ve always loved aliens and doomsday theories where society is challenged, where we take so many things for granted including water, air and freedom,” she adds.

As for her ardent set of fans who keep showering her with love on social media, the actor can’t help but beam with gratitude. “They’re like my extended family. I’ve had the fortunate experience of meeting some of them. I plan to have a fan meet soon. Nobody knew about my new signing, but a fan messaged me recently saying ‘angel, we have a feeling you have a secret!’ They’re so attuned to my energy. They’ve never questioned my choices and even when everyone else was asking why I wasn’t working etc, they stuck with me even when I was just sharing nonsense selfies!” says Shruti, adding, “My fans are sensitive to who I am and are well-mannered too. I see stars of some fans get loud, but my fans know that their love’s bigger than other’s hate.”

On the personal front, the actor, who recently broke up with her actor boyfriend Michael Corsale has been very open about her relationship status. “I’m glad it was a part of my life. I’ve been working consistently for 10 years and it’s not that I haven’t been in relationships before, but I haven’t had the courage to talk about my personal life in the open. My last relationship was a lovely experience and I have no regrets about it. But now, I’m really happy to be single and focusing on my work – I’ve invested all my love and energy towards my work. I’m not a person who regrets things,” shares the actor, who’s always been the kind to be cordial with those who’ve shared a personal or professional journey with her.

Even on social media, Shruti and Michael have been amiable with each other post their break-up. “I can never understand why people say they can’t be friends with their ex. Then what were they doing getting to know each other? Unless someone is terrible, which thankfully hasn’t happened with me, I don’t see a point in not being cordial,” smiles Shruti.  

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