Abhishek, son of Ambareesh and Sumalatha, makes his debut in a film which also serves as a tribute to his late father.

Flix Sandalwood Friday, May 31, 2019 - 16:51
Worth a watch

With Amar, Abhishek Gowda has become the latest celebrity kid to enter Sandalwood. His parents – Rebel Star Ambareesh and Sumalatha – actors-turned-politicians, made their mark in both cinema and politics. From Rajinikanth to Sudeep, Nikhil Gowda and Naani, wishes poured in for Amar, just a day before the film’s release. Darshan and Yash’s fans announced unanimous support to the film. A fan even purchased the film’s ticket by paying Rs 1 lakh, which shows the craze for the late actor and high anticipation from his son.

Award-winning director Nagashekhar had claimed that with Amar, he is set to create another Premaloka in Sandalwood. Love stories are considered a safe debut for any actor, but can there be another Premaloka at all? Amar (Abhishek Gowda), a bike enthusiast, meets Bobby (Tanya Hope), during one of the expeditions. It is love at first sight for the hero, but the heroine takes her own sweet time to reciprocate as she has doubts about him. He pursues her for a while and like every clichéd love story, she accepts his proposal. But we're in for a surprise during the interval block. Is it yet another weepy love story or something new?

The teaser and trailer of the film had set different tones. While the teaser was action-packed, the trailer promised a love story between Abhi and Tanya Hope set in the backdrop of a long bike ride. The first half is shot in India and we get to see some action scenes coupled with romance. The second half, shot completely in Switzerland, relies heavily on emotional scenes and the picturesque locations of the country. The songs "Marethuhoyite", "Onde Ayetige", "Summane Heege", "Joru Paatu" are fresh and pleasing

Cinematographer Sathya Hegde is a magician with his camera and he proves himself with Amar. While the love story may seem like old wine in a new bottle, it is director Nagashekar’s take on it that sets this movie apart from the usual formula.

In many frames, Abhi looks like Bollywood’s Arjun Kapoor. His mannerisms, physique and acting are very similar to Arjun Kapoor. He also reminds us of Ambi a lot and the late actor’s fans are sure to re-live the good-old days through Amar. But if Abhi has to establish himself and stand firm, he has to work more on his acting skills. 

Amar rides heavily on Ambi’s popularity and dialogues. The title itself is very special for the late actor’s fans as his real name was Amarnath. Ambareesh’s film Hongkongnalli Agent Amar was one of his most successful movies in Kannada. Amar seems like a tribute to the late actor from his son. There are several dialogues and monologues written only to cater to Ambi’s fans. Ambareesh’s famous lines with a twist - ‘Chancey Illa’, ‘Kutte, Amar nahi Amar Nath bolo’ and ‘Kaliyugada Karna’ have been used every now and then throughout the film. Abhishek has delivered these dialogues with the same punch and style. So, these particular scenes are a big win-win in Amar.

Tanya Hope as Bobby is quite convincing. There are several cameos in the film. Rachita Ram, Nirup Bhandari, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Sudha Rani, Arun Sagar, and Deepak Shetty have performed well. Darshan’s surprise entry in the second half gets many whistles from the audience. Though a 6-minute cameo, he plays a pivotal role in the film. 

Director Nagashekar with a signature love story has won hearts again. 

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