Amala Paul alleges sexual harassment at the workplace, lodges complaint

The actor was rehearsing for an upcoming show when the incident allegedly occurred.
Amala Paul alleges sexual harassment at the workplace, lodges complaint
Amala Paul alleges sexual harassment at the workplace, lodges complaint
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In a shocking incident of workplace sexual harassment, actor Amala Paul has alleged that a man sexually harassed her at the workplace. Reporting the incident to the T Nagar police station in Chennai, Amala Paul alleged that a man had made sexual advances at her while she was at rehearsals for an upcoming show which will take place in Malaysia.

Speaking to reporters after filing her complaint, a visibly perplexed Amala Paul said, “When I had gone to do dance rehearsal, a man spoke to me unpleasantly, like he was conducting a trade. I was very shocked. I was very humiliated. That's why I immediately came to complain to the police station. I'm going to Malaysia for an event. I went to dance practice for that event. While I was practising, he came inside. He spoke as though he was part of the event. He spoke to me like he was someone known at the event. He spoke to me personally when I was alone inside. That's why I have complained. He has spoken like he was conducting a sexual trade, for a favour.”

Asked who he was, Amala Paul said she did not know. However she suspects the role of an insider connected to the event. She said, "He knew I was there at that time. That's why I thought it was unsafe because I'm an independent working woman. So there is definitely a close source. That's how he knew I was there at the time. I feel extremely unsafe. Someone involved at the event has only given this information.”

The incident reportedly took place at well-known Kollywood choreographer Sridhar’s dance studio in the city. However, Amala Paul said that he was not present there at the time.

Amala Paul is scheduled to perform at an event called ‘Dazzling Thamizhachi’ in Malaysia. She also added that she took up the show because it is a women's empowerment show.

Pointing to the fact that if this could happen to a privileged celebrity, it could happen to anyone, she said, “I should not let it go. Because there are many independent working women like me. If there is no safety then I don't know why we're living.”

She also thanked the police department and said, “They have taken a lot of interest in the case. They are investigating. I'm hopeful that I will get justice.”

According to some reports, a businessman called Azhagesan has been arrested in connection this case.

If you would like to contact authorities who can help in Tamil Nadu:

Childline: 1098

State women’s helpline: 1091

Helpline to report missing women and children: 1094

Chennai women’s police cell: 044 28592750

You can find more emergency contact numbers here.

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