Ajith appears to have undergone a complete physical transformation that has won him praise for his hard work.

Ajiths Thalai Viduthalai blows away fans including those from camp VijayScreenshot/ Youtube
Flix Kollywood Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 12:53

When the poster for Ajith's upcoming film Vivegam came out, many were stunned by his physical transformation.

While Ajith has a humongous fan following, even his biggest fan would have admitted that he wasn't the fittest star around. This led to speculation that perhaps the image was photoshopped.

However, a song from the film Thalai Viduthalai which was released recently, shows that Ajith's transformation is indeed for real. We can't catch a glimpse of the six packs that featured on the poster but it's clear that the star has undergone a metamorphosis.

The video has gone viral, with several complimenting the 46-year-old actor on his hard work. Thalai Viduthalai is viewed as an anthem for Ajith's own rise in the industry as someone who came in without any connections and made it the top. The Surviva song released previously also found similar echo.

Interestingly, many of the positive comments come from fans who say they are from Vijay's camp but admire Ajith for what he has achieved.

For those uninitiated to the camp wars in Tamil cinema, Ajith and Vijay fans are forever at each other's throats and this has spilled over to films too - in Rangoon, for instance, the hero and his best friend belong to rival camps and the fact that they are friends despite this proves their deep friendship! Watch:

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