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The News Minute | October 26, 2014 | 11.08 am IST

President and Co-founder of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Ingrid Newkirk has given a new dimension altogether to the love for animals.

On Wednesday, Newkirk wrote a will that her final remains be used for alleviating animal sufferings. 

She wrote that her body shall be donated to PETA which may use it for alleviating animal sufferings in the USA, UK, India, Canada, Germany and France. She mentions India as her “beloved childhood and spiritual home.”

She further directs that the meat of her body be used to make a “human barbecue,” her skin be removed and made into leather products and, her feet be used as umbrella stand or for any other ornamentation.

She has also directed that one of her eyes be delivered to the administrator of the US Environment Protection Agency to serve as a “reminder that PETA will continue to be watching the agency until it stops poisoning and torturing animals.”

She further directed that her liver be stuffed and sent to France to appeal to shop-keepers to stop the practice of force-feeding geese for foie gras. She has written that her ear be sent to the Canadian Parliament so that they hear “screams of the seals, bears, raccoons,” and the other ear to Deonar abattoir in Mumbai to remind them that the “screams of the cattle who are slaughtered” there are heard around the world.

Read the full copy of the will here.

“If your body had pulled through and [you] gave it PETA, they could use bits of your body to continue your activism through death,” she said, the News Week reported.

She has made this will with assistance of a pathologist, and also of a lawyer to ensure that no laws are broken.

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