Flix Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 05:30
After his address in Parliament on Tuesday blaming the Modi government for ignoring land rights of farmers and of backing corporate interests, Rahul Gandhi took on the issue of Net Neutrality on Wednesday.    In his Parliament address, the Congress VP said that if the government was so intent on keeping the internet "neutral", why have discussions on guidelines in the first place. With only two days remaining for TRAI to receive opinions on the issue, social media was abuzz after the issue had taken centre-stage on the floor of the House. But many weren’t kind to the Gandhi scion on Twitter. What a fool believes ... LOL! Scrap a proposal that is yet to be even discussed? https://t.co/u7OocKbLA8 — MediaCrooks (@mediacrooks) April 22, 2015 When asked about Net Neutrality,IT Min talks about PM vision of"Digital India"tells us how less he knows about the issue #RGforNetNeutrality — रचित सेठ (@rachitseth) April 22, 2015 #RGforNetNeutrality Here is an MP who has been absent from Lok Sabha for most part of his 11 years as MP & doesnt know what "Zero Hour" is — GoodGovernance 良い統治 (@sri9011) April 22, 2015 #RGforNetNeutrality: Congress wants NetNeutrality Gov: Cool. We too RG: You agree????? Gov: Bro yes bro RG: CONGRESS OPPOSES NETNEUTRALITY — reviewero (@reviewero) April 22, 2015 Gorbachev and Yeltsin were doing Privatization... hahahahahahah... AB Maaf Kar Do.. #DhakkanRG #RGforNetNeutrality — Dr. Manish Kumar (@DrManishKumar1) April 22, 2015 #RGforNetNeutrality because that is the only way he can continue his education in IIN. — Rashi Kakkar (@rashi_kakkar) April 22, 2015 Reporter : People are saying #RGForNetNeutrality ! Asli main aapko is topic ke baare main kitni knowledge h ? RaGa : pic.twitter.com/9JVenxMhdN — The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) April 22, 2015 RG: A law should be passed for Net Neutrality. Ravishankar Prasad's answer: The PM is very popular on Social media. #RGforNetNeutrality — Scotchy Shashtri (@scotchism) April 22, 2015 #RGforNetNeutrality not all, its just #RahulMeows reason in pic. pic.twitter.com/f63QvfVEOj — Maanyaa Sharmaa (@IIIEngineerIII) April 22, 2015