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So Union Minister Nitin Gadkari made a confession that has made people ask, "Can't the sordid things that one does in one's back-garden stay in the back-garden?". A report by Huffington Post says that at an event in Nagpur on Sunday, Gadkari said he waters his plants in his Delhi bungalow with urine he collects in a 50 litre can. HuffPost quotes Gadkari saying, "I collected urine in a 50 litre can. I called the gardener and instructed him to water some plants with it. There was such a big difference — it grew one and a half times bigger than the other plants." Now, someone on Twitter even found out that according to an Economic Times report on April 15, Gadkari regularily sends vegetables from his garden to his neighbour Sonia Gandhi. (We are worried). No wonder then that the 'Pee' jokes on Nitin Gadkari have already started trending on Twitter.  Can't the sordid things that one does in one's back-garden stay in the back-garden? Preferably buried? I mean, Jesus. http://t.co/QyRTRVgg9y — Anand Ranganathan (@ARangarajan1972) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari has a Green Peas plant in his garden, with which he make Mutr Paneer — GNDTV (@bwoyblunder) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari uses his urine to water plants. The rest of the country calls it "driver side pe lagana ek minute." — Hardik Rajgor (@Hardism) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari puts the P in Plants. — NumbYaar (@NumbYaar) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari's dog has the unenviable job of taking him for a walk twice every day. — Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari is a GreenPiss Activist. — Ajayendar Al-Adarsh (@ajayendar) May 4, 2015 Now you know why Nitin Gadkari eats & drinks so much, to single handedly increase production of fertilizers under Make In India #TruePatriot — GNDTV (@bwoyblunder) May 4, 2015 So Nitin Gadkari pees in garden, grows vegetables and send to Sonia? lol What a revenge on behalf of India, uncle :D Proud of you. — Sanyaasan (@MohMaaya) May 4, 2015 Stop cracking Pee J's about Nitin Gadkari . — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) May 4, 2015 Nitin Gadkari's two passions in life - Susu and Samosa. — $ir $ri $ri Magal (@jhunjhunwala) May 4, 2015 Monday night. Crazy hectic day tomorrow. And I login to see Nitin gadkari ji has been watering his plants. Hmm. — Tad Mad Ad Man (@slyandsulk) May 4, 2015
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