MVD reveals that as many as 700 Kerala vehicles are registered at Puducherry, resulting in a revenue loss of over 60 cr.

After Amala Paul and Fahad Kerala govt to clamp down on road-tax evaders
news Tax Evasion Monday, November 06, 2017 - 09:49

The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has decided to clamp down on all the vehicle owners who have registered their luxury vehicles at Puducherry to evade state road tax. MVD is on a mission to explore every loophole in the system after actor Amala Paul’s and Fahadh Faazil’s tax evasion stirred up controversy in the state.

MVD had conducted a drive in premium vehicle showrooms and discovered that as many as 700 vehicles are registered at Puducherry, resulting in a revenue loss of over 60 cr to the state government, reports The New Indian Express.

A MVD official told TNIE that, “The process of identifying the location of the vehicle is going on. Since most of the are staying in apartments, we have asked he residential associations to provide the CCTV footage and based on this we will send a notice.”

The MVD also said that the inspectors will visit the residence of the owners of each Puducherry registered vehicle to inspect the footage of the CCTVs installed in their residence to find out how long the vehicles have been in the state, reports Indian Express.

A top official with MVD speaking to Indian Express explained the complexities involved in cracking down on car owners who register their vehicles in Puducherry, “Taking actions against those who registered their vehicles in Puducherry with a fake license is an easy affair. But there are many who registered their vehicles by influencing the local people. In that case it becomes tough to take case against them. If we find the CCTV footage of such vehicles in the state we can find how long the owners has been using the vehicle,” said the official.

Meanwhile MVD has also stared sending notice to vehicle owners who are in the line for registering their cars at Puducherry.

“Based on the notice we served, actors Amala Paul and Fahadh Faazil have agreed to re-register the vehicle in the state. We have also issued a notice to over 50 such owners. Stringent measures will be taken against those who evade pay the state road tax,” an official told TNIE.

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