Titled ‘Barroz- Guardian of D'Gama's treasure’, the film will be in 3D and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults, the actor said.

After 4 decades as an actor Mohanlal to turn director with Barroz
Flix Cinema Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 21:57

The reigning superstar of Malayalam cinema, Mohanlal is far from ceding his title to the next crop of actors in the industry. The actor, was first introduced to the industry as a teenager in the film Thiranottam in 1978. Four decades, several monster hits, critically acclaimed performances and accolades later, Mohanlal, in his own words, is all set to take a ‘sharp turn’ in life with his first directorial venture.

Announcing the big news to fans through his blog, the actor said that he will, for the first time, be directing a movie. Titled ‘Barroz- Guardian of D'Gama's treasure’, the film, Mohanlal says, is in 3D and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

"I will now work from behind the camera. The name of the movie I am making is 'Barroz'. It's a 3D movie that adults and children can enjoy. It is a story based in Portugal," he said.

The actor went on to share how it amazed him that he was lauded for his onscreen performance.

“I had never dreamt of becoming an actor, had never asked anyone for an opportunity in a movie, but still have been working as an actor for 40 years. I am known as an actor and recieve awards as an actor. It always amazes me,” Mohanlal wrote.

Lal later narrated how the whole idea of him directing a film took shape. It started when he and Director TK Rajeev Kumar had decided to make a 3D show and had met Jijo, the 'magician' technician who made the movie 'My dear Kuttichathan'. Despite,  the financial resources to go ahead with the show being extensive, Jijo narrated the story of Barroz.

Barroz according to Mohanlal was a man who took care of Vasco Da Gama's treasure.

"When the question came as to who will direct the movie, I said I will. Jijo told me to go ahead,” the actor added.

Mohanlal also announced that the movie, which will have more than one part will be shot in Goa and will require lot of international actors. He also announced that he would be playing the titular character of Barroz.