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The News Minute| September 6, 2014| 11.00 am IST A photo shoots with an infant is no small feat and everyone who has ever ventured out to do one knows that. But getting that one beautiful click with your new born is simply a gorgeous experience. Last months, Al Ferguson, a professional writer posed with his four day old baby Ted. And what a perfect picture! Oh well! Oops! Not quite! What Just happened?  Babies poop all the time, photo shoot or not! And Ted let loose just as is dad was happily posing "We had just taken the shot we wanted when I felt his tummy tense up and the explosion went off," Ferguson told Mashable. "I went through a whole host of thoughts. Firstly for the shaggy carpet, secondly my arm, thirdly sheer hysterics, fourthly what I should do with him and lastly more laughter," he said.
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