Adobe unveils an AI-based technology to give you the perfect selfie

Adobe has used its own Sensei technology, which gives you endless possibilities of editing your selfies
Adobe unveils an AI-based technology to give you the perfect selfie
Adobe unveils an AI-based technology to give you the perfect selfie
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Has it ever happened to you that even the best beautify feature in your phone’s front camera couldn’t help you get the perfect selfie? Have you ever hopes you could change a lot more than just the skin tone and blemishes on your face? Well it could soon be a possibility with Adobe’s new technology.

Adobe’s internal research team has used its own Sensei Technology to come up with a solution to help smartphone users bring out selfies that are clearer and sharper.

Adobe has released a video to demonstrate how its AI based technology can be used to edit an image. “What if we could tap into the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform bad portraits into good ones?” the video says.

This technology lets you change the entire picture from making it look like it was clicked from a different angle or distance, apply its in-built automatic portrait masking styles, give it a depth of field effect and even change the background. The video shows that a user can even cut and paste backgrounds and styles of other pictures into your portrait. The result? The picture looks a lot different and a lot more impressive than the original one.

According to a report on Firstpost, Adobe Sensei is already working miracles with its capacity to create elements that are not present in the original photo by analyzing neighboring pixels. In the future, these functionalities may be included in certain products of the Adobe Creative Cloud range. This will let users retouch selfies in a whole new manner before sharing them on social networks.

In the words of the company this new technology is capable of “transferring a typical selfie into a flattering portrait” 

However, this exciting selfie technology is not yet available in the market. The video referred to above is just a glimpse of the possibilities the future holds as far as this particular field is concerned. Await the actual release of the technology by Adobe Inc.


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