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| The News Minute | March 11, 2015 | 1:10 p.m. IST | Users on Twitter form part of a polarised universe. No sooner had the #AdarshLiberal hashtag started trending, when #AdarshSanghi was crafted as the perfect riposte. The thread was started off by a chart with spin offs from the “Adarsh Balak” comic strips which mock the concept of the “ideal boy” in school.  The #AdarshLiberal trend which started it all mocks the hypocrisy of the “liberal” who, for example, supports PETA while gorging on non-vegetarian food. Its counter trend, #AdarshSanghi, plays with the fact that the “sanghi” has RSS affiliations and worships Narendra Modi. Pretty soon though, ‘liberals’ and ‘sanghis’ alike were engaging themselves in a Twitter war of sorts with memes and retorts flying back and forth.   So, here’s how it progressed:  Just in case you missed. Here is what started #AdarshLiberal trend pic.twitter.com/3ZngUNNRB1 — Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) March 10, 2015 And they kept coming: For an #AdarshLiberal it is always country first. Especially if it is a country which is critical of India — IndiaSpeaks (@IndiaSpeaksPR) March 10, 2015 #AdarshLiberal says 2+2= 5. You say not possible. #AdarshLIberal calls you a troll & blocks you. — Rupa Subramanya (@rupasubramanya) March 10, 2015 Soon, the memes got creative: #AdarshLiberal BRAIN (Pic) >> pic.twitter.com/WffDrGASB3 — INFLUENCER (@Purple_Truth) March 11, 2015 Evolution according to an #AdarshLiberal (with @ajayendar)#FromArchives pic.twitter.com/hW1bFnwAKb — The UnReal Times (@TheUnRealTimes) March 10, 2015 Adarsh liberal attends Idea of India conclaves. #AdarshLiberal pic.twitter.com/YuyV4h8zxj — Anand Ranganathan (@ARangarajan1972) March 10, 2015 Retorts flowed in after this comic spin off: These are the main reason why #AdarshSanghi are cooler than #AdarshLiberal ;) pic.twitter.com/yoHkNWDghK — Smriti Z Ironi (@smritiiranii) March 11, 2015 And this is how so called ‘liberals’ summed up conservative attitudes: An #AdarshSanghi has a great fashion sense. His shorts were fashionable in 1930s as Mussolini's Fascist Party uniform. — कांग्रेसवाला (@CongressForever) March 11, 2015 #AdarshSanghi is one who thinks whatsapp forwards are gospel truth.pic.twitter.com/sHtzCbC1u9 — Srivatsa (@srivatsayb) March 10, 2015 @Joydas #AdarshSanghi believes that 3rd Law of Motion (Action-Reaction) was discovered by LOLwalkar pic.twitter.com/8DWCWWBMHe — Nitin Chavan (@a20nitin) March 10, 2015 Soon, those tired of witnessing the so called ideological bashing resorted to bashing both parties. The #AdarshLiberal eats banned beef, the #AdarshSanghi has a beef about banning. — SANJAY HEGDE (@sanjayuvacha) March 11, 2015 #AdarshLiberal vs #AdarshSanghi. Winner gets a flat at the #AdarshSociety. pic.twitter.com/R5HIZM9TQV — Nigel Britto (@NigelBritto) March 10, 2015 Tweet Follow @twitter
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