The slanderous post which was shared by a right wing channel on its social media, was later withdrawn.

Actor Prithviraj
news Controversy Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 22:15

Solidarity poured in for actor Prithviraj who was slandered by right wing Malayalam news channel Janam TV for a Facebook post against contentious regulations being proposed in Lakshadweep Islands. Prithviraj had, on May 24 written a Facebook post in support of the people of Lakshadweep, asking for the rollback of the contentious regulations being proposed and moves being implemented under the Lakshadweep Islands’ Administrator Praful Patel. The slanderous post shared by Janam TV on social media was later withdrawn.

A massive social media campaign named ‘#SaveLakshadweep’ was initiated by the residents of Lakshadweep on the issue as well. The controversial regulations range from a proposal to ban people with more than two children from contesting in the panchayat elections to land reforms which gives massive power to the administration to acquire land and evict people. Many celebrities including Prithviraj and actor Geetu Mohandas had come out against these moves, supporting the campaign.

In his Facebook post, Prithviraj asked how disrupting the way of people’s lives can be accepted in the name of ‘progress’. “What I do know for sure though, is that none of the islanders I know, or none of those who’ve spoken to me are happy with what’s happening. I strongly believe that any law, reform or amendment should never be for the land, but for the people of the land...How does disrupting the way of life of a centuries old peaceful settlement become an acceptable means of progress? How will threatening the balance of a very delicate island ecosystem with no regard for the potential consequences pave the way for sustainable development?” he asked in the post.

Reacting to this, reportedly, Janam TV Chief Editor GK Suresh Babu, wrote an article titled ‘Prithviraj’s tears up again for Jihadis’. The article was shared by channel’s Facebook handle, with the excerpt, “While Prithviraj barks and jumps with anti-national forces, if anyone gets reminded about the good actor Sukumaran (Prithviraj’s father), it will be ‘pithirsmarana’ (a slanderous ambiguous remark). Request Prithviraj not to give a chance to others [to say such things about him]. Not just for Prithviraj, whoever cries out and not only Lakshadweep - Jihadis will get no parts of the country.”

Prithviraj's post:

Slamming the post against Prithviraj, former Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala of the Congress, said that Prithviraj said what any humane person wanted to say. “We should keep close people like Prithviraj who speak out against Sangh Parivar without fear. He disturbed the peace of those who hindered the peaceful existence of a population he loved. What he did is politically righteous,” said Ramesh Chennithala.

“When one speaks with clarity, slander is not the answer. Let controversies move away and let there be a dialogue,” said actor Aju Varghese.

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Meanwhile Lok Sabha MP TN Prathapan said, “Sanghis are afraid of those with opinions. There will be fake propaganda and abuses all around... Solidarity to artist Prithviraj who stood on humanity’s side for the people of the islands.”

Former Minister and MLA, Kadakampally Surendran said, “Fascists have always adopted the method of suppressing dissent through intimidation and violence. But they have never succeeded in history. Strongly condemns the Sangh Parivar’s attack on Prithviraj for declaring support for the people of Lakshadweep.”

Actor Anoop Menon said, “Let the answer to a concern or issue raised not relegate itself to the choicest of expletives and profanities used to run a man down but rather the quality and efficacy of counter arguments put forth… thus have democracy prevailed all along. INDIA to our knowledge is still a democratic republic,” he wrote on Facebook.

Actor Subish Sudhi, director Jude Anthony, MLA PV Anway also extended solidarity.