Unlike most celebrities who do not intervene when fans indulge in abusive behaviour, Sudeep was quick to step in.

Actor Sudeep steps in to stop fan abuse against Yash sets example for celebs
Flix Controversy Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - 10:52

Online abuse directed at celebrities is not uncommon. Fan legions also tend to target celebrities who they think are rivals to their matinee idols. It's unusual for celebrities to step in and take a stance. However, Kannada actor Sudeep set an example in this respect by asking his fans to stop trolling popular actor Yash.

Sudeep’s fans had taken offence to a video put out by Yash and had begun trolling him on Twitter.

On Monday, Sandalwood star Yash took up the popular fitness challenge issued by actor Sudeep.

In a video posted by Yash on Twitter, he says, “Thanks Sudeep. Actors keep working out, so this is not something that is new to us. So, I thought I would add a twist to this challenge. I have made my childhood friend Chetan, aka Chakli, take up this challenge.”

Soon, social media trolls claiming to be fans of Sudeep began trolling Yash, alleging that he was being disrespectful to Sudeep by not addressing him as 'sir'.

“Dear Yash learn how to respect your seniors first. Calling him Sudeep is not at all fair. Avru nimginthlu 12 yrs doddavru (He is 12 years senior to you). Bari dialogue Alli helodalla nija jeevandallu ade Thara irbeku (you cannot only say it in dialogues but you must practise it in real life,” one of them said.

Another went on to accuse him of disrespecting Sudeep on purpose by saying, “First of all you didn't have the guts to accept the challenge then why this show off? I think this video was done only on the purpose to Disrespect a senior and take mileage in the industry.”

Yash was also trolled by several people who used abusive language and called him a coward. They all demanded that Yash immediately apologise for the alleged 'disrespect' doled out to Sudeep.

Taking note of the incident, actor Sudeep tweeted and asked his fans to stop abusing Yash.

“I request my friends and fans not to post any harsh tweets towards Yash for calling me by my name in the video he has posted. Accepting my fitness challenge and posting that video was out of sheer luv and respect and I can see only that. Hope my request is respected,” Sudeep’s tweet reads.

Sudeep's prompt action comes as a breath of fresh air, given that most celebrities choose to keep mum in such circumstances. In the southern industries, vicious abuse in the name of fan love has increasingly become common. Some months ago, actor Parvathy faced death and rape threats after she spoke about the misogyny in a Mammootty film. The superstar did not respond for days and allowed the abuse to continue. Another actor, Anna Rajan, was also targeted after she said she'd like to act as Dulquer's heroine and that Mammootty could act as his father. 

Fan battles between Kollywood stars Ajith and Vijay are frequent, with both sides attempting to run down film releases and targeting those who are seen to 'insult' their stars. However, it's only in recent times that the stars issued statements asking their fans to stop abusing people in their name. Tollywood star Pawan Kalyan's fans are also known to indulge in such behaviour.

Given the context, Sudeep's gesture has therefore won due appreciation from several quarters. 

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