He was attending the promotional event of 'Sehari' to launch the poster of the film’s first look.

six people launching a poster, persons 3-5 holding the poster at an event
Flix Entertainment Friday, November 20, 2020 - 14:22

Actor and sitting MLA Balakrishna is at it again, and not for his work. At a recent event, the actor was annoyed at his phone ringing. He takes the phone out of his pocket, takes one look at it, flings the phone to his left, and continues as if nothing happened at all when those around him are stunned, as well as a little confused.

While it is very obvious that he flings his phone, it was reportedly thrown towards his personal assistant. He was attending the promotional event of Sehari to launch the poster of the film’s first look. The film, directed by Gangasagar Dwaraka, stars Harsh Kanumilli and Simran Choudhary. 

According to reports, he also reportedly gave a speech about coronavirus and vaccines, told people to stay away from cold water baths, and even swatted away Harsh’s hand when he tried to hold the poster. 

Watch the video of Balakrishna throwing the phone here:

In a statement, Harsh reportedly said that he was trying to hold the poster with his left hand, and Balakrishna did not want him to do so as it is his debut film. 

“Since it is my debut film as a hero, Balakrishna Garu believed that it is not auspicious to hold the poster with his left hand hence he pushed my hand. It was not meant to be a harsh push and Bala Krishna Garu is the sweetest person. He immediately agreed to attend the event as we approached him and we are grateful.” (sic).” he reportedly said in a statement. 

Balakrishna was seen wearing plastic gloves while launching the poster, and was dressed in a white shirt and black jeans.

In another clip at the same event, a young actor refers to Balakrishna as ‘uncle’. The expression of Balakrishna, standing right next to the actor, instantly changes as he hears the word, and the actor quickly tries to cover it up.

Both of these clips soon went viral on social media, and have become fodder for a variety of memes. 

Balakrishna has earlier slapped fans (multiple times), swatted a fan’s phone when he tried to get a picture, and has even chased and assaulted his own party worker at a rally.