Actor Kavya Madhavan's second marriage is everybody's business but her own

Actor Kavya Madhavan's second marriage is everybody's business but her own
Actor Kavya Madhavan's second marriage is everybody's business but her own
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Monalisa Das | The News Minute | August 19, 2014 | 03:49 pm IST

Malayalam actor Kavya Madhavan is likely to tie the knot soon, if she were to follow the advice of many a people who would like to see her married.

In a programme to unveil a mobile application called Cocoon to fight against cyber crimes against women, Kavya says “Many people seem adamant to get me married. So many people are spreading rumours on social media. People I have never seen or heard of are behind me, trying to marry me off. Someone even posted a picture of a man suggesting I could marry him”.

Kavya, one of the top female stars in Kerala, married actor Nischal Chandra in February 2009. She later went to Kuwait to stay with him, taking a break from her career in films. But she returned back to India few months later and in 2010 filed a petition for a divorce and also for domestic violence. The couple was granted divorce in 2011, following which she resumed acting. Kavya's wedding, estrangement and divorce took place under the glaring public eye, much dirty linen was washed in full view.

But it seems Kavya's failed marriage has hurt too many Malayalis. Many do not like Kavya’s current unmarried status and seem to have made it their life’s mission to see that the actor once again accepts the ‘sada-suhagan’ status (married forever). Because, who cares about the fact that she did get married a few years ago and subsequently underwent a very public and messy divorce and that she may not want to get married for the time being? And even if she did want to marry, it was her personal decision? Or even that all she wants to do is to focus on her career at present because she is a popular actor and good at what she does?

But why should a woman be concerned about getting a career, when she could get herself a husband, again?

And many of her fans/followers/well-wishers/people-who-survive-to-meddle-in-other-people’s-business/secret-agents-of-marriage-portals/event managers are kind enough to remind her of what they feel she should be doing. And that is not all; they are thoughtful enough to suggest prospective grooms for her too.

Our suggestion to Kavya? She should be grateful and grab the offers. Because who cares if she does not want to marry? We all will have a gala time gossiping about her second marriage and this time even give 10 tips for a successful relationship along with suggesting names of her future children. She is going to have children, right? Well, she must. And God forbid if she has another divorce, then we all shall make it our business once again.

Thank you Kavya, for giving a purpose to our otherwise drab life.

P.S.: Please let us know in case you have a gas leak or your house help does not turn up.

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