Karthika made her debut with the 2017 Malayalam film ‘Comrade in America’, where she shared the screen with Dulquer Salmaan.

Karthika Muralidharan is seen wearing a pink tee and is seen smiling at the camera in the image. Karthika Muralidharan/ Instagram
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Actor Karthika Muralidharan, who rose to fame after she shared the screen with popular Mollywood actor Dulquer Salmaan in her debut Malayalam film Comrade in America, recently shared the experience of her weight loss journey and spoke about inculcating a healthy relationship with her body, mind and belief systems, in a detailed note on Instagram. Her post has resonated with many fans and followers who have been through similar experiences.  

Speaking about the body shaming she was subjected to as a kid and young adult, she mentioned how fat shaming was persistent from her childhood till adulthood. She also noted how she developed defence mechanisms that worked against her. 

“I have been chubby since I was a little girl, it was brought to my notice in grade two. Fat-shaming was persistent from then till my adulthood. The thing is it's not just an appearance issue, as a child I had to develop weird defence mechanisms to keep me going because it's not just school but your friends outside of school AND family. I would shame myself, hate myself, then started gaining more weight to rebel which in-turn worked against me,” Karthika said in her note.  

Elaborating on how the process grew difficult with each passing day, she spoke about how joining an industry that promoted unhealthy beauty standards including fat shaming and sexualization, took a toll on her mental health.  

“Then I joined an industry known for unhealthy beauty standards! The FAT SHAMING AND SEXUALISATION started on a much much MUCH larger level than I could handle. My body and I have been in a constant state of war with each other for a very very long time and I was getting tired, I couldn't convince the world to accept me as I am, I couldn't accept myself either so I started out with fad diets - Low Carb, excessive exercising, Keto, Juice-ing - you name it,” she added. 

Karthika added that although she tried several commonly known practices for weight loss such as Low Carb diets, Keto and excessive exercising, she couldn’t benefit from those. However, she said that it is the sustainable practices that helped her to respect and love her own body.  

“NOTHING WOULD STICK. Why? Because I hated my body and I was doing all of these things because I hated it soo much, I wanted it to stop existing & become something else, something against my adult understanding of what is healthy, beautiful, and fit. I had to fix my relationship with food, with my body, my mind, and my belief systems. I needed something sustainable, something to replace all this unnecessary bullshit standards and dialogues around me. I wanted to be an authentic version of me that I would love,” the post read.  

Extending her gratitude to the coach who helped her during the process, Karthika wrote, “I joined Neelam with the intention of weight loss only but in-turn it changed the way I consumed food, my respect for myself, my body and instilled a sense of fearlessness and power, which wasn’t in the nutrition course but when your body and mind are fed well the energy it produces is unstoppable.  

She also assured followers that it is not a paid promotion but is rather a response to the messages and questions she has been receiving with regards to the weight loss journey. “These are the answers I came across and I am sharing them with you,” the CIA actor wrote. Actor Malavika Mohanan dropped heart emoticons in a comment below the post and extended her support. 

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Karthika has played the lead role in two Malayalam films, Comrade in America and Uncle.