The police has said that they will arrest Aju as soon as his phone is examined.

Actor Aju Vargheses phone seized could be arrested for naming survivor in actor abduction caseAju Varghese
news Malayalam actor abduction Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 15:49

Malayalam actor Aju Varghese is finally facing action for naming a woman survivor of sexual assault in a Facebook post. Aju named the Malayalam actor who was abducted and sexually assaulted in February, in a post supporting actor Dileep, who was recently arrested in association with the case.

Aju Varghese was called in for questioning by the Kalamassery police on Thursday morning. Kalamassery Circle Inspector told TNM that Aju Varghese was questioned from 11.30am till about 2pm.

"Aju has admitted to naming the woman survivor and he had apologised at the time. We have now confiscated his iPhone. It is from this phone that he had updated the Facebook post. We have sent the phone for scientific examination to verify whether the post was uploaded from this device. After the results arrive, we will proceed to arrest Aju Varghese," the CI said.

He added that the actor was let off after questioning.

On July 3, an FIR was filed against Aju Varghese and a case was registered under section 22 B (A) of the IPC. The action was based on a complaint filed by one Gireesh Babu, that Aju had violated the law by naming the woman survivor.

The incident occurred on June 26, when Aju Varghese, in a bid to extend support to actor Dileep who was facing allegations of being involved in the crime, named the woman survivor in his Facebook post. Addressing the woman actor by her name, Aju wrote:

"Whoever the accused is, what they did is unpardonable. But what is now happening is a deliberate attempt to frame Dileep. Our literate society must understand that these two things are entirely different."

However, this action was met with severe criticism both from social media and certain sections of the film industry. Following this, Aju had removed the woman survivor's name from that particular post and further apologised for naming her.

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