Actor Ahaana Krishna responds to cyber bullies with a ‘love letter’

The actor posted the video in response to cyber trolls who abused her on social media following an Instagram story criticising the government.
Actor Ahaana Krishna responds to cyber bullies with a ‘love letter’
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Luca actor Ahaana Krishna was at the receiving end of threats and abuses from cyber bullies earlier this week. 

The young actor had posted an Instagram story linking the Kerala gold smuggling case with a triple lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram, which triggered the smear campaign against her. 

Ahaana had written “Saturday, a major political scam news breaks out. Sunday, a surprise triple lockdown is announced in Thiruvananthapuram. Well, LOL.” 

Though the triple lockdown was imposed due to increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the state's capital and many did argue in a responsible manner with the actor, several trolls attacked her Instagram and Facebook pages reportedly insulting her family and hurling threats and abuses at the young actor. 

On Sunday, in a response to these trolls, Ahaana released a video titled “A love letter to cyber bullies.”

The nearly nine minute video features the actor explaining cyber bullying and the various kinds of attacks in detail.

“If we are upset about what a bunch of torrentially damaged people tell us, then their mission is accomplished. I realised that I’m making this video to change the mindset of a cyber bully or a person interested in cyber bullying. Just because they see a video or somebody tells them something, their attitude is not going to change. What we can change instead is the way we look at cyber bullying. If it is a sickness, these trolls are a bunch of extremely sick people. If we choose to look at them that way, these trolls will become a bunch of clowns talking some gibberish,” Ahaana added.

The end portion of her video was a ‘Love Letter’ dedicated to all the trolls and cyber attackers.

In it she said, “If you post something really horrible or bad about me on a social media site, it doesn’t reflect badly on me, it does on you”.

She also adds, ”If you abuse me with terrible profanity on a social media website, I need to not feel bad or embarrassed about what happened, but you should”.

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