Two goats and two dogs were rescued from the Chandra circus.

 Activists rescue animals from a circus in Tamil NaduImage: Antony Rubin
news Animals Friday, November 04, 2016 - 20:01

Four circus animals in distress were rescued on Friday from OMR road in Kanchipuram district in a joint operation by animal activists and the police.

Two goats and two dogs were rescued from the Chandra circus. But activists said that the circus had hidden two camels and two horses, and all the animals were abused.

“The circus surrendered the dogs and goats. The animals were repeatedly abused. We have asked the police to find the horses and camels,” said Antony Rubin, co-opted member of Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI).

Antony Rubin and Meenatchi Sundaram from People for Animals organization and volunteers from People for Animals led the rescue mission with the police.

“We wanted to shift the camels to a wildlife centre in Vandaloor zoo and shift the rest of the animals, dogs, goats and horses to People for Animals shelters. We could only rescue four animals,” said Antony.

The activists came to know about the state of Chandra circus when Meenatchi Sundaram visited the circus. Following the visit, AWBI issued an authorization letter to inspect the circus and activists visited the circus again on November 2.

“There were eight animals in the circus. All the animals were kept in horrible conditions. They were made to stay on their own defecation.” said Antony.

Describing the harm caused to animals in the circus, Antony said, “We learnt that the horses could not even walk properly, goats were made to walk on ropes and dogs were made to climb ladders and jump from there.”

The activists contacted E-6 Thiruporur road police station in Kanchipuram district to carry out the raid on the circus. Antony added that they had evidences in the form of videos to prove the cruelty inflicted on these animals. 

Moreover, he said the animals were being used in the circus without certification. “The animals were being used without registration or certification, it is a violation under the performing animals rules 2001 in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Every animal which is used in a circus needs to registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India,” said Antony Rubin. 


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