This incredible chase sequence shot on the Fernandina Islands in the Galapagos has the internet on the edge of its seat.

Action films dont get better than this baby iguana chased by racer snakes Screenshots
Social Viral Tuesday, November 08, 2016 - 12:38

The lone hero (or heroine) emerges. Almost gets ambushed by a villain, but gets away by just a whisker. Except the villains’ cronies are everywhere. A heart-stopping chase is on! Can our hero/heroine get away?

Before your imagination runs away with you, this action flick doesn’t star Dhanush, Vikram or Darshan. Instead it’s a recently hatched baby Marine Iguana facing impossible odds against Racer Snakes. The sequence, featured on BBC’s "Planet Earth 2" was shot on the Fernandina Islands in the Galapagos. 

The sequence opens with the iguana making an impressive jump onto a rock to escape a snake that's hot on its heels. It then stands completely still on the sand, as the snake makes its way around the rock, looking for its elusive prey. Thankfully, the snake's eyesight isn't the greatest, and it almost slithers right past the iguana, which is waiting with bated breath.

Suddenly though, the snake is back on its trail. And there begins an amazing chase. Grab some popcorn and watch the full sequence here:

The video, which is as thrilling as any of the Bourne films, has caught the internet’s attention, going wildly viral. And it’s got everybody talking about it:

What many people wanted to know was how this amazing sequence was shot:

And of course, there were comparisons to the bloody penguin fight which went viral a few days ago.

The penguin video featured another dramatic film plot, with a male penguin attacking another male that is with its female mate. Watch the penguin fight video here:

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