The film is modern in its thought, execution and portrayal of characters, including the cameos.

Aadi Lakshmi Purana review A fun contemporary romcom
Flix Sandalwood Friday, July 19, 2019 - 16:31
Worth a watch

On one side there are filmmakers exploring different subjects to bring to the silver screen. Then there are a crop of makers who have stuck to the formula of making films around subjects that are tried and tested before. Aadi-Lakshmi Purana is an example of the latter. Call it a cliché, but the romcom is one of the most popular genres among the young and old alike. So, it is savored and accepted warmly, as long as it is served tastefully with the right elements.

Aadi Lakshmi Purana is a whimsical film that stands out for numerous reasons. Just because the title has "purana" in it, the audience need not fret about it being another age-old story. The film is contemporary in its thought, execution and portrayal of characters, including the cameos.

Aadi (Nirup Bhandari) is an undercover cop who is posted in Bengaluru to end the drug menace. Lakshmi (Radhika Pandit) is a travel agent, who lies through her teeth to keep her organisation in the limelight. He is a charming man who firmly believes in love at first sight. But she, on the other hand, suffers from an inferiority complex. Lakshmi, who was obese as a kid, is known as Ladoo Lakshmi at home, which has shaped the way she is today – insecure, moody and untruthful. When she lies to Aadi about her being the mother of a sever-year-old kid, as shown in the trailer, the film takes an unexpected twist when Aadi decides to accept her with her baggage.

The makers of Aadi Lakshmi Purana have tried to keep it as real as possible. This is the first time Nirup Bhandari is working outside his comfort zone. His last two outings – Rangitaranga and Rajaratha – were directed by his brother Anup Bhandari. With ALP, he gets to express himself better as well as try his hands at playing the chocolate boy hero. As an actor, he has grown by leaps and bounds. While he nonchalantly plays a tough cop, he also easily pulls off the lover boy character.

Radhika Pandit as Lakshmi is one of the most realistic female characters seen in Kannada cinema in recent times. The movie is a treat for her fans since she's come back to the silver screen after a brief hiatus.

Suchendra Prasad (Ramegowda) and Tara (Shanthamma) play Aadi’s parents who are away from their only son and look for every possible reason to invite him back to the village. They are funny and tangible as a couple and as individuals. Sowmya Jagnamurthy as Savitha and Joe Simon in cameo roles are a treat to watch.

Anup Bhandari’s music sticks to the theme. The songs are energetic and have been placed at the right scenes. Technically, the film is an all-women show. Written and directed by Tamil filmmaker V Priya, a former associate of Mani Ratnam, the subject revolves around the universality of love. Priya has managed to pull off an excellent show with almost no setbacks in terms of script as well as execution.

Though the first half seems a tad too long, the second half makes up for it. Aadi-Lakshmi’s journey is a light-hearted romp sure to entertain those looking to spend two hours forgetting about their lives outside the theatre. With its unique, contemporary content and essential entertaining elements, Aadi Lakshmi Purana is a fun watch.

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