The child was caned 30 times within two minutes, and even slapped and kicked after that (TNM has not included the video in this copy).

6-yr-old brutally beaten for spilling food viral video leads to womans arrest in MalaysiaScreenshot from video
Social Child Abuse Tuesday, June 06, 2017 - 13:54

A video of a child being brutally flogged, kicked and slapped by a woman for spilling food had gone viral on social media on Monday.

A two minute and twenty second video recorded by an unknown individual, shows a woman using a back scratcher to beat a child believed to not be over six years old.

Though the video went viral in India, and especially in Tamil Nadu, the incident itself happened in Puchong in Malaysia.

The old woman has been arrested, according to The website quoted Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari saying, "The victim has been rescued and the suspect caught.”

He added that the suspect will be remanded at the Petaling Jaya court tomorrow.

The abuser,who was reportedly looking after the child in the absence of her parents is seen yelling at the girl in Tamil, for 'not knowing how to eat' and 'spilling food'.

The frightened child can be seen walking away from the dining table before the woman hits her as many 30 times with the stick. The child collapses to the floor and tries to move away, but to no avail. A dog can also be seen in the video, visibly upset over the treatment meted out to the child.

The woman yells 'Die' over and over again, as she beats the six-year-old.

Shrieking in agony, the girl moves to another part of the house within one and a half minutes of the video. But the woman follows the child and now delivers six slaps with her hand before removing the girl's top.

Other unidentified voices can be heard in the video. The woman then asks the child to go into a room, before which she kicks the girl to the floor.

In another video, some men can be seen questioning the abuser about the incident. She then attempts to justify her behaviour. She reportedly even said that she just 'tapped' the child.

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