The dogs were adopted by animal activist Pravallika, who also alleged that two of her volunteers were verbally harassed by the perpetrators.

50 dogs injured after residents of Hyd gated colony go on rampage cane them
news Animal Rights Monday, January 15, 2018 - 18:04

In a shocking incident of animal cruelty, 30 men from a gated community in LB Nagar, Hyderabad, went on a rampage on Sunday, caning 50 stray dogs

The canines were beaten up badly and some even bled profusely as they suffered fatal injuries in the hands of the perpetrators.

The dogs were adopted by Pravallika, an animal-rights activist based in the city, who is also an Honorary Animal Welfare officer in the city.

“These dogs were regularly chased and beaten by the residents, barring a few animal lovers in the gated community. But yesterday, they took it too far, and ganged up and went on a rampage. They beat the dogs with rods and stones, injuring them fatally,” she told TNM.

Pravallika also confirmed that the dogs were vaccinated and birth-control measures were undertaken to prevent them from breeding and increasing in number.

She added that two of her volunteers who rushed to stop the perpetrators were harassed and verbally abused.

“Two girls who volunteer with us saw these men beating up the dogs up and tried to stop them, but were harassed. They said that instead of beating these dogs, we should beat these women up,” she added.

The incident has been reported at the Vanasthalipuram police station and a complaint has been filed against the community association at Sahara Estates. The cases filed include animal cruelty and harassment of women.

 According to Pravallika, the police initially were initially hesitant to file a case but were forced to do so as the activist along with other volunteers got in touch with the Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, and animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi.

It also remains to be confirmed whether the residents of the LB Nagar gated community hired men to cane and shoo these dogs away or if the act was perpetrated without external help.

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