“Safety of your children is our prime concern. This drive will continue in the city,” the traffic police said.

33 auto drivers ferrying school children without license booked by Hyd policeImage: Facebook/Hyderabad city police
news Road Safety Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 09:05

The Hyderabad Traffic Police booked 33 drivers ferrying school children in a single day on Saturday, as part of an ongoing safety drive being conducted on autos and other school vehicles.

In a press release, the traffic police said, “In this special drive, 945 autos, 70 vans and 5 school buses were checked in the city. 358 cases were booked. Wherein, 33 drivers found driving without driving license along with a blacklisted driver. 34 vehicles were seized in good faith. All auto drivers, who drove the vehicles without a license shall be charge sheeted in the court and may get imprisonment along with a fine.”

The traffic police also said that their driving licenses may be suspended for a certain period or permanently.

“Traffic Police informed the parents of the school children about the dangerous way in which they were being transported and counselled them against sending their children in vehicles, which violate traffic rules,” the press release added.

 The Hyderabad Traffic Police also requested all the parents of school children against sending their children in a vehicle that was carrying more than the seating capacity, as it endangered the lives of children.

The police also asked the parents to check and ensure that the driver had a license and all other related documents for their vehicle.

“Safety of your children is our prime concern. This drive will continue in the city,” the traffic police said. 

Earlier this week, the Hyderabad Traffic Police were in for a shock after they found a heavily inebriated auto driver, ferrying as many as 9 school children in his vehicle.

The driver was nabbed when the children were on their way to school and the police said that after a breath analyser test, his blood alcohol content (BAC) count was a whopping 228 mg/100 ml.

The permissible alcohol limit according to the city police is 30 mg/100 ml of blood, i.e. 30 micrograms/100 ml of blood. Anything above that, as recorded by a breath analyser, is considered drunken driving.


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