The family alleges that the woman was threatened with a knife when she refused to leave with the abductors.

26-year-old woman missing in Chennai Parents say abducted police believe she may have eloped
news Crime Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 14:07

A 26-year-old woman has allegedly been abducted at knife point from Pattabiram in Chennai, on Monday. Three men barged into her residence in broad daylight and forced her to leave with them, according to the woman's family. 

Sneha, who has completed her Masters in Commerce, was in the kitchen of her house in Pallikoodam Street when the incident took place. Her parents and two sisters were not at home and she only had her grandmother for company. At around 9am, three men arrived in a car outside her home and allegedly demanded that Sneha leave with them. When she refused, according to the complaint, she was threatened at knife point. 

According to reports, the knife was pressed to her neck and Sneha was told that she would be murdered if she didn't comply to their orders. The grandmother, who rushed in to stop the men was reportedly threatened as well. A complaint was filed by Loganatha, Sneha's father, at the Pattabiram police station and a special team of three officers has been formed to track down Sneha and the alleged abductors,

The police however, are not very convinced about the allegations made in the complaint. "This is merely the father's version of the story. We are pretty sure that the girl was not threatened at knife point. One of the men, Sadiq, who is 35-years-old is already well known to the woman," says Joint Commissioner Sudhakaran. “In fact, she called her father today and told him not to look for her," he adds.

A police officer at the Pattabiram station sheds more light on the case. "Sneha and Sadiq have known each other for eight years and have been in a relationship. The woman's parents opposed this because Sadiq is married and has a grown up daughter as well. What more, they are both from different religious communities," says the officer.

The Joint Commissioner however, says that they will act on the complaint. "We will track down the woman and the alleged abductors in a day or two."

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