The twin fled the place after her sister's death.

Collage of twin sisters, both wearing pink, from Kerala of whom one woman alleged killed the other Vismaya (left) and Jithu
news Crime Friday, December 31, 2021 - 14:48

Three days after the charred body of a woman was found in North Paravur in Ernakulam district of Kerala, her twin sister, who is a suspect in the crime, has confessed to the crime according to the police. The crime happened in the afternoon of Tuesday, December 28. The 25-year old woman Vismaya was found dead inside her house near Panorama Nagar. From the crime scene, police suspected it was a case of murder. 

The mysterious absence of her twin sister Jithu soon after the crime made her the prime suspect in the case. It was only on December 30 evening that police finally managed to arrest Jithu. Vismaya is the older of the twins. They are the daughters of Sivanandan, who is a fish vendor, and Jiji. 

The crime happened when the parents were out. "The parents claim they used to tie up Jithu when they went out, due to her mental health issue. It's assumed Jithu set Vismaya on fire when the parents were out," the SI added. However, police also said they are investigating the parent's claim that Jithu had mental health issues.

According to the police, Jithu has confessed that she used to constantly fight with her twin. On December 28 too, there was apparently a fight and she hit her sister and then doused her with kerosene.

For the police, this was not an easy investigation. Initially, the body could not be identified since it was charred. The police however believed that the person who died was Vismaya while her sister Jithu was absconding. 

According to the police, visuals of the CCTV cameras installed in the area showed Jithu walking away on the road. A gold chain and a pendant was found on the charred body and according to the parents, Vismaya used to wear those. Prasanth P Nair, Sub Inspector of police, North Paravoor police station, said that the police confirmed the visuals as that of Jithu by showing them to Jiji. The police have sent a DNA sample for confirmation and are awaiting the result.

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