With every passing day, her health is getting worse and she gets one step closer to death. You can help her.

This 25-year-old needs an urgent lung transplant but her parents cant afford it
Monday, July 13, 2020 - 13:29

“She had so many dreams, but all of them shattered when she was diagnosed with this lung disease. Now, she can’t even breathe properly without an oxygen mask,” says Suman, as she recounts the painful ordeal of her daughter, Ashwini.

Twenty-five-year-old Ashwini is suffering from bilateral bronchiectasis, a type of lung disease in which the airway widens, making the lungs prone to infection. She has been experiencing difficulty in breathing for the past 5 years. Until sometime ago, doctors were able to control the illness with medication, but now her lungs have been damaged to the point of no recovery. She urgently needs a lung transplant to survive

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With every passing day, her health is getting worse and she gets one step closer to death. Her father, Pandelinath, is a retired bus conductor and has been sustaining her treatment and medication on his pension of just Rs 2000 per month.

He sold his house and has borrowed money from anyone he knew and would lend, to continue the treatment, but it has not been is enough. The total cost of the treatment is Rs 35 lakh, and the family simply cannot afford it. Pandelinath and Suman never thought that they would ever have to see such a day when their daughter would be fighting for life and they would be helpless. Ashwini is in immense pain and is fighting for her life.

“Every day when I look at my daughter, struggling to breathe, a part of me dies. I fear that I will lose my daughter to this disease,” said Pandelinath.

Ashwini needs your help, donate here.

Ashwini had big ambitions in her life. She has always been bright, and was looking forward to working and supporting her family. But with this disease, her life has taken an unexpected turn. Now she has to struggle for every single breath.

Your donations can make a huge difference in her life. With your help she will get a second chance at life. Please donate generously.

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