On July 6, Tamil Nadu reported 3,827 new cases while Maharashtra reported 5,368 COVID-19 cases.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Tuesday, July 07, 2020 - 10:22

India has been grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic for over six months now. After over two months of intense lockdown, the country opened up in a phased manner from June 8 and people are getting used to the new normal. Some states are continuing to see a rise in coronavirus patients and continue to enforce restrictions.

According to the Union Health Ministry, the total number of cases reported in India as of 9.30 am on July 7 stands at 7,19,655 with 22,252 new cases in the past 24 hours. This makes India the third worst-affected country in the world, preceded only by the United States and Brazil, according to the map by John Hopkins University.

In India, 2,53,287 patients are still under treatment. A total of 4,39,947 patients have recovered. With 467 deaths in 24 hours, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 stands at 20,160, as per government data.

Here are the numbers as of 9.30 am on July 7:

— In Tamil Nadu, 1,14,978 people have tested coronavirus positive till date, of which 46,833 are under treatment. A total of 66,571 people have been discharged, and 1,571 people have died due to the disease. On July 6, 3,827 new cases were reported in the state.

Karnataka has reported 25,317 coronavirus cases in total, and 14,385 people are under treatment. A total of 10,527 patients have been discharged, and the state has reported 401 deaths. The state recorded 1,843 new cases on July 6.

Kerala has reported a total of 5,579 coronavirus positive patients, of which 2,252 are active. 3,341 people have recovered, and there have been 28 deaths. The state reported 193 new cases on July 6.

Andhra Pradesh has reported 20,019 coronavirus cases, and 10,860 patients are still under treatment. While 8,920 have recovered and 239 deaths have been reported. On July 6, 1,322 new cases were reported

Telangana has reported 25,733 coronavirus cases till date, of which 10,646 people are still under treatment. 14,781 people have recovered and 306 have died. The state recorded 1,831 new cases on July 6.

Maharashtra has reported 2,11,987 cases, of which 87,681 are undergoing treatment. While 1,15,262 patients have been discharged after recovery, and 9,026 people have passed away. The state reported 5,368 cases on July 6.