2013 ATM attack: Suspect to be brought to Bengaluru from AP
2013 ATM attack: Suspect to be brought to Bengaluru from AP

2013 ATM attack: Suspect to be brought to Bengaluru from AP

The suspect was arrested on February 4 in Andhra Pradesh and was convicted for murder.

The brutal attack on a woman at an ATM in Bengaluru four years ago had shocked the city’s residents.

Madhukar Reddy, who is suspected to have hacked a bank official named Jyoti Uday with a machete at an ATM kiosk near Corporation Circle, will be brought to Bengaluru from Andhra Pradesh, police said.

Three years after the attack, the Bengaluru Police had no clue about the attacker’s whereabouts and had also filed a closure report with the Karnataka High Court.

However, on February 4, the Chittor Police arrested Reddy when he was found moving suspiciously near a jewellery shop at Ananthapur.

Upon his arrest, it was revealed that Reddy was a fugitive who had escaped from the Kadapa prison, after being convicted for murder.

The Andhra police have now revealed that Madhukar had in fact escaped from prison in 2011, just a month after he was convicted to a life term for murder.

Madhukar Reddy, a 32-year-old resident of Madanapalle Town, was arrested in September 2005 for killing Ananda Reddy and was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 2011.

According to the AP police, Reddy escaped within a month after his conviction when he was being taken to RIMS Hospital in Kadapa.

Police said that in November 2013 when he was on the run, he had stabbed another person, Narayana, in Mahahboobnagar district in Telangana over a petty fight and attempted to kill him.

A case was then registered under Jadcharla Police station and in the same month he was involved in robbing an ATM and a house at Dharmavaram in Anantapur district.

It was after all these incidents that he had come to Bengaluru and carried out the ATM attack.

Following the Bengaluru ATM heist, Reddy had fled to Kerala to avoid arrest.

The Bengaluru Police applied for his custody with a local court in Andhra Pradesh after the local police had completed their interrogation.

The court agreed to hand Reddy over to Bengaluru Police on February 28.

According to a police official working on the case, inspectors and divisional police officials have been instructed to list cases of women being targeted at ATMs in their jurisdiction, where they were either attacked or robbed.

This is being done to ascertain if Jyoti Uday was Reddy’s lone victim, or if he had targeted others also in the city.

The police said that the further course of investigation will be determined only after Jyoti Uday identifies Reddy. Further, the police will ask for extension of his custody only if it is revealed that he has committed more crimes in the city.

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