From 1st email to a ‘violin moment’: How Sunny Leone and her husband fell in love

In an interview posted on Humans of Bombay's Facebook page, Sunny talked about how she first met Daniel and how their relationship blossomed.
 From 1st email to a ‘violin moment’: How Sunny Leone and her husband fell in love
From 1st email to a ‘violin moment’: How Sunny Leone and her husband fell in love
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Bollywood actor Sunny Leone has talked more than once about her relationship with her husband Daniel Weber, and how he supports her emotionally and in her career as well. The two appear to have a solid foundation. But how did it all begin? Sunny Leone talked about how they fell in love in a heartwarming interview to Humans of Bombay.

Humans of Bombay is a storytelling blog that focusses on the journey of individuals and claims to have built a community of more than one million people. 

In the interview and photo that was posted on the Facebook page, Sunny shared that she and Daniel met through a band mate of his at a Las Vegas club. And while it was “love at first sight” for him, Sunny wasn’t on the same page. “[…] all we did was make small talk– there weren’t any floating hearts or violins,” she said.

What also stands out in their story is that while Daniel got Sunny’s number and email id, he did not text her or call her. He emailed her, and that’s how the duo began communicating.

It was when she was going to New York, where Daniel lived, when he asked her over email if she was ever going to give him her number. That was when she “gave in”, said Sunny and he asked her out.

“I was late for our first date. But like a gentleman, he waited patiently. When I finally reached and we started talking -- there was the violin moment. The whole restaurant disappeared and it was just him and me. We talked for 3 hours non stop! We spoke about our cultures, ideas and beliefs. It was was like I’d known him forever,” Sunny revealed.

The couple had what was a long courtship, and from the looks of it, it was full of thoughtful and romantic gestures. Apart from just talking for hours and getting to know each other, Daniel also made gestures like sending Sunny a mixed CD and flowers when she was in Oman – from across the world!

“I had a stack of calling cards because of how much we spoke! I was in love,” Sunny said. “He’s been so considerate and supportive.”

She also said that Daniel began working with her in adult films because he was not comfortable seeing her with other men, and then they ended up starting their own company. 

Daniel also proved that he was going to stick around when he did not run away from the emotional responsibility after Sunny’s mother passed away a few months after the couple started dating. He was there for her as well as her family, Sunny said.

 “I would sometimes wake up crying in the night, and he would just hold me. He didn’t try to fix the situation. He was just present and that’s all that mattered. I knew then that he was the one, but it was his turn to make me wait,” she recounts.

Sunny also talks about the proposal and how vividly she remembers it. She was looking for a box to put her ring in when Daniel gave her a mahogany box he had made. “It said, ‘with love, Daniel.’ I was so excited with the box when he just casually said, ‘I also have another ring for you!’” Sunny shared.

The moment had her jumping with joy. She described the proposal as “simple and quiet”, which was how she wanted it.

“It’s been 7 years now, and we’re just the same.. He supports every dream of mine like it’s his own-- he makes me believe that anything is possible. And when we’re all together, the kids, me and Danny making us itself is a dream, one I can’t believe I’m living,” Sunny shared. 

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