The girl went missing on Thursday and the body was found in a plantain garden on Saturday.

15yr-old Kerala girl murdered and buried by stalker cops arrest accusedRepresentational image
news Crime Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 19:08

In a gruesome crime, a 15 -year old girl has been killed and buried in a plantain garden, allegedly by her stalker at Areeparampu near Manarcaud in Kottayam.  The girl, who was from Ayarkunnam, had been missing since Thursday.  The body was found in the plantain garden, on the site of a  hollow bricks factory on Saturday.

The Ayarkunnam police have arrested the alleged stalker Ajesh in connection with the crime. The 31-year-old  is a driver of a tipper lorry which belongs to the factory. Ajesh reportedly used to call the girl over phone as well. The police have been investigating the missing complaint case filed by the girl's parents on Friday.

During investigation, the police traced the call details of the girl in which they found Ajesh's phone number.

“In the details, Ajesh's number was there. He had made multiple calls to the girl. Hence we nabbed him on Friday evening. He, even after doing the crime, didn’t flee the place, and instead stayed in the vicinity only. He is from Manarcaud,” Aayrkunnam Sub Inspector Anoop Jose told TNM.

Though some reports suggest that the girl was killed when she resisted a rape attempt by the accused, the Sub Inspector declined to confirm it. 

“That is something we have to ascertain. We recorded his arrest and he has confessed to the crime,” he claimed.

A team of police personnel led by Anoop Jose have been collecting more details about the crime. The police allegedly found the body based on the information given by the accused. However, the police is yet to get a clear picture on the motive for the crime.

 “The investigation has just begun and we won’t be able to divulge much details. But as of now, what we have learnt is that the accused had been stalking her for a while," the police said.

The girl’s family is from Ayarkunnam. However, the crime happened at Areeparamba which is under the jurisdiction of the Manarcaud police station. 



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