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Baba Sehgal has a way with words, his way really. Most of those who grew up in the 90s now know him as a pop-artist. Back then they knew him as the messiah who introduced them to rap. Now they think that was not rap. Feeling confused? Then you would probably not want to look below, as the space beneath contains Baba Sehgal’s tweets. We really do not know what they mean, well some of them at least. (Disclaimer: All the following are Baba’s words, we do not and cannot endorse him) what's up @mariasharapova, even i love shaggy's lova lova but yahan crow is kauva & quarter is pauva.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) July 9, 2015 argentina ka messi, brazil ka kaka, shakira boley waka waka.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) July 3, 2015 chura ke dil mera, KOREA chali.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) July 2, 2015 chacha chowdhary ka sabu in mount abu, emotions ko kar saka na kabu, ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano ramesh babu.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 30, 2015 hello @rihanna. saara zamana haseenon ka deewana, juliet is shama & romeo is parwana.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 30, 2015 duniya haseenon ka mela, english mein banana, hindi mein kela.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 29, 2015 birla told tata : have u tried aashirwad aata ? — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 29, 2015 jaadugar o jaadugar, please jao apney ghar.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 29, 2015 good morning @britneyspears, kaka told pushpa i hate tears.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 28, 2015 aaj 22nd hai june, karan arjun aayeennge during noon.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 22, 2015 good morning @jlo, advice leni hai toh le lo, husband ho ya boyfiend, tantrums kisi ke mat jhelo.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 16, 2015 If sridevi was running a shop, i wonder whether she would say - abhi boney ka time hai.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 15, 2015 guru told chela, yeh duniya haseenon ka mela, gourd is karela & banana is kela.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) June 14, 2015 dil mein chubi sui, uui uui uui, uui uui uui.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) February 21, 2015 pls @rihanna, next time zaroor nahana.. — Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) February 18, 2015
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