When you talk about some of the best/most popular films in Malayalam cinema, you will invariably talk about a Mammootty and/or a Mohanlal film.

13 reasons why Mammootty-Mohanlal are the last superstars of Malayalam cinema
Flix Mollywood Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 16:43

If you can’t get over it, get behind it. That’s how superstardom works, and it’s here to stay. With 800 films between them, countless awards and recognitions, over four decades of dominating the Malayalam film industry, Mammootty and Mohanlal continue to rule the marquee.

Even with a new wave of cinema taking over, it’s still their films which help the economics of cinema. If Mohanlal’s Lucifer was the top grosser this year, Mammootty effortlessly balances a Peranbu and a Madhura Raja to this day, making it clear why they will always be the true blue, bona fide superstars of Malayalam cinema. Still not convinced? Here are 13 solid reasons.

1) Talent – sheer, undiluted. Take each of their iconic roles (Chandu, Sethumadhavan, Achutty, Kunjikuttan) and you find that not only is it done to perfection, but any other actor reliving that role is unimaginable.

2) At their prime, no other actors (present or past) could bring in the crowds like they could.

3) Our young actors still aren’t offered even half the variety these two are being offered. To this day.

4) They are the last B and C class stars.

5) Gravitas. True, they were blessed to have worked with some of the finest writers and directors in Malayalam cinema. But there is no denying the gravitas they bring to each character, making it deep and memorable.

6) Mass appeal. It’s probably one area where they beat the younger lot fair and square. Be it Sagar Alias Jackie or Bilal John Kurishingal, Narasimha Mannadiar or Jagannathan, their roles are lionised by their inimitable screen presence. Every stride, every gesture, every dialogue oozes charisma.

7) To this day, despite how terrible the scripts are or how they refuse to update themselves with the changing cinematic grammar, their mere presence still guarantees an initial collection at the box-office.

8) Three decades at the top of the game. New actors have come, their own sons have entered the field, newer technicians and technology, social media teeming with more perceptive cinegoers, and yet their influence in Malayalam cinema remains as compelling. The reason why every film award begins and ends with them.

9) When you talk about some of the best/most popular films in Malayalam cinema, you will invariably talk about a Mammootty and/or a Mohanlal film.

10) One of the biggest testimonies to their popularity? A sequel to their popular films released decades ago will still be welcomed fondly. Or if there are talks about remakes of their films, people are told off with a stern warning not to mess with the classics.

11) The several hat-tips to their old films and dialogues in all the latest films.

12) Their incredible makeovers. Make a collage of their 100 roles and we can name every single one without the help of Wikipedia.

13) In a single year (1986) both of them acted in around 35 movies each, unimaginable for today’s heroes.

Aren’t these enough reasons to separate the men from the boys?

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