Tanishq has been diagnosed with a rare and highly life-threatening condition, and his poor parents need Rs. 18 lakhs URGENTLY for the life-saving surgery.

This 11-year-old is suffering from a rare disease and your help could save his life
Sunday, November 25, 2018 - 13:23


“Tanishq wants to fix and improve everything that's wrong with the world. And even though he is too young to aspire that high, it amazes me how a child of his age can be so enthusiastic about books, school and studying,” Ramila Yadav says, looking at her child. It is not easy for her to talk about her child, for he has been diagnosed with Monosomy 7, a rare and highly life-threatening condition.

A patient with this condition is constantly at risk of contracting severe infections and bleeding out. The doctors have told Ramila that a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment (HSCT) is the only cure for this condition and it should be done immediately. But the total estimated cost of the HSCT is Rs. 18 lakhs, a sum too high for a poor family like the Yadavs.

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Ramila Yadav and her son live in Varanasi, where her family runs a small dairy shop that gives them a measly Rs. 3000 a month. “It all began in June when he was bleeding regularly from his mouth and nose. This hemorrhaging of blood was leading to a series of painful patches all over his body. We left for a new city and immediately admitted him in Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai where the diagnosis was made,” Ramila recounts.

Tanishq subsequently underwent 2 cycles of chemotherapy. “I can’t understand how such a young person has to go through so many painful events. I always dreamt of seeing my son help people once he grows up, but instead he is the one who needs help,” she says.

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Ramila has used up all her savings, sold her gold jewellery and is now buried in loans. She has no money left now to pay for the HSCT. During the festive season, she visited a new temple every day to offer a prayer in his name. “I hope my prayers will be answered and I will once again be able to see my son the way he has always been - playful and chirpy. I will be forever indebted to the kind souls donating for my child. Help save him,” she pleads.

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