Have a quick look at these 10 types of transportation services which you can initiate based on your interest, requirements, manpower and your know-how in the business and industry.

10 Profitable Transportation Business Ideas in 2020
Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 12:51

If starting your own transportation services and making profits out of it is in your mind, then here are some profitable business ideas to help you start your own transportation business in different industries. Have a quick look at these 10 types of transportation services which you can initiate based on your interest, requirements, manpower and your know-how in the business and industry -

1. Cab services

Uber has taken taxi services to a whole new level. And the ease of booking a cab using the app anywhere on the go makes it the easiest and convenient mode of transportation for many people. Uber is doing its business successfully in more than 300 cities and 60 countries across the world. It is one of the best transportation opportunities if you wish to become an independent service provider with your own business schedule. If you want to start as a driver, simply visit Uber’s website, follow the process for drivers, with all the required personal and legal details. The entire ride-related payments and finances are taken care of by Uber.  But if it’s your vehicle, you would need to take care of your vehicle’s maintenance, and also if you buy motor or two-wheeler insurance for your Uber vehicle.

2. Renting Two Wheeler

Renting your two-wheelers, be it your bike or a bicycle, is a flourishing business in many tourist cities and recreational areas. This is quite a trend specifically in tourism influenced cities. Many resorts and hotels, keep rental two-wheelers for their guests and customers, to allow them to independently roam around the city. You can also have your own store, from where you can provide these two-wheeler services. Ensure that you have taken two wheeler insurance for your vehicles to cover any unforeseen risks and damages, including the third party insurance cover.

3. Renting Your Limousine

Nowadays, limo services have become quite popular. It is not only restricted to celebrities but common people are also using limo services, and we are specifically talking about renting it to normal people only. They can book your limousine on their special day to experience a special and luxurious ride with their loved ones, so you need to ensure you offer them an enjoyable ride. Make sure your driver is trustworthy and your limo is well in shape because here the experience and the drive matters. This way you can easily spread your business, just keep on adding vehicles and hire more drivers and go with the flow.

4. Owner/Operator trucking

This business involves, taking contracts and bidding on those contracts. Either you can hire drivers to get done with those contracts or you can do all the trucking with your own drivers to establish your own business. There are two ways to do this – either you can have drivers on a sub-contract basis, which means you will get contracts from manufacturers and you will find drivers for them to transport their goods to fulfil the contract, as it is signed between you two. Or you can have your private drivers, which will grant you total control over profits and business. You would need to take care of vehicle maintenance and insurances by yourself. You would need to take care of salaries and logistics, everything would be managed by you or you would be hiring people for that. All this would involve more operating costs. Or you can do both of them in a stable manner, and as much you are able to handle.

5. Speciality transportation

This kind of transportation involves transiting goods which are enormously large. This would involve transporting vehicles, aviation parts or even modular houses and this can be a great source of income. In beginning, you might have just got few contracts, but you always have scope to charge a higher amount and make your name in the market with your seamless services. Though you would need drivers for it, as you can’t expand a freight business alone, and this would also vary based on the location you are catering it too.

6. Transporting Livestock

This business never goes down. It would involve commercial license to transport livestock from one place to another. Buy a commercial vehicle, which can carry a number of animals in a safe manner. For this, you need to hire experienced professionals who have prior experience in transporting animals in for commercial purposes.  Make sure that you know about the rules and regulations regarding the inter-state livestock transport regulations. Different states have different regulations and you need to be well-versed with them before you provide livestock transport services, because at the end the business owner is accountable and responsible for the same. This would involve proper vaccination of animals, health checkups/medical certifications and licensing to carry out livestock transportation.

It is your responsibility as the livestock owner won’t be as much aware, as you are. Make sure you keep a frequent check and also share your knowledge and advice with the livestock owners about the veterinarian doctors, and the tests that will be required for the animals. This would help you to complete your necessary paperwork and allow easy access across various destinations during transportation. You can also hire a vet, and also people who know how to toe the animals during transit, and this will help you to maintain your name among your customers, for your reliable services.

7. Boats Transportation

In the areas surrounded by water bodies, starting your own boat transportation business can be quite profitable. It is a seasonal opportunity and a very good business during pre and post boating season. It is quite busy during that time, as many people take such services to get their boats into water or take them out of the water.

8. Air transport

This is one of the transport services which require you to go through stringent formalities. It also requires a huge cost to start-up the business, including licensing, insurance and a lot of other things.  You can provide services like transporting skiers to remote territories, transiting perishable food items and goods across island and countries. This also includes freight services, cargo handling and custom duties for international transportation.

9. Medical transportation

It is one of the most important transportation businesses and it involves a huge sense of safety and responsibility. You need a vehicle which can work as an ambulance. The vehicle needs to have comprehensive insurance, driver’s license and a decent record in the medical industry. This can be used to provide transportation for medical appointments or treatments, if the patient lives far off from the city or hospital, or to cover long distances. You provide medical transportation to drive patients too- and-fro from home to hospitals and nursing homes; this can be done on a contract basis. Simply equip your vehicle with necessary medical equipment, oxygen masks and cylinders, stretchers, wheelchairs, stethoscope, glucose, needles and other medical devices, medicines and tools.

10. Sea shipping

Shipping is a huge business responsibility and takes a lot of time, money and efforts to start with. It is usually done for tankers loaded with containers to support imports and exports of utility goods, machinery, ranging from a pin to the airplane. Make sure you are having the necessary knowledge about licensing and custom regulations required for different countries and merchandise.

In short, these business opportunities are suitable for you, if hold the basic skills and knowledge of carrying out businesses involving deep research, foresight and well-planned execution to sustain.  Be it any transportation business, you need to get done motor and two-wheeler insurance in place, along with necessary licensing, as mentioned above.