10 Malayalam film characters who deserve their own spin-off movies

If you love finding out more about minute characters on-screen, and spinning a tale for each one of them, then this list is just for you!
10 Malayalam film characters who deserve their own spin-off movies
10 Malayalam film characters who deserve their own spin-off movies
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Ever leave the theatre wondering, ‘but what happened to that snitch of a character who came in and delivered a lightning bolt dialogue that perhaps turned the mood and plot of the movie on its head?’ Or secretly writing in your diary, “I know everyone loved the hero, but I wish I knew what happened to the heroine’s sidekick?” If you are that movie goer who relishes finding out about each minute character on-screen, and spinning a tale for each one of them, then this list is just for you!

Telephone Uncle (Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare): Though he makes a brief appearance towards the climax and intrigues us with his telephonic jaunts with Deepa Mol, the telephone uncle largely remains a delicious mystery. Where is this man from? How did he become an outlaw? Did they meet after he was let off from jail? A prequel would be exciting, just enough to know this man more closely.

CK Raghavan (Munnariyippu): The jailbird who drops casually reflective philosophies about life and death. Despite the sour and shocking climatic turnaround, the fact remains that he hasn’t fully satiated our intrigue. The questions and answers are left hanging in the air. Who is the real Raghavan? Why did he kill them? Where is he from? Maybe a more intimate portrait of the man will be infinitely interesting.

Prasad (Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum): The devious thief who borrows a name and identity without batting an eyelid. We only get shrivels of information about him—hint of impoverished childhood and a struggle to make ends meet. But the backstory remains incomplete. What’s his real name? Where does he really come from? Maybe a comprehensive journey from childhood to what he is now. Enough fodder for a sequel or prequel to Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum.

Jimson (Maheshinte Prathikaram):  Jimson isn’t really a perpetual troublemaker. His circumstances turn him into a bully. But then he vanishes without a trace and comes back for the big fight. Words are barely exchanged. What’s Jimson’s backstory? Why did he pick a fight with Mahesh? Did he regret it later? Who are his friends? Is a brooding loner? Enough stuff for another script.

The light-eyed Yakshi (Ennu Swantham Janakikutty): The beautiful twinkling grey-eyed Yakshi with a heart of gold remains one of the most fascinating characters of the film. How about digging a bit more into it? The human life before this?

Ben Narendran (Artham): The man who voluntarily offers to go to jail for a crime he doesn’t commit. An accidental author and a selfless do-gooder. But we are still intrigued by the life he wrote in that book. The world he saw that had enough life lessons to be compiled into an award-winning book. Where does he come from? His family, childhood and education? A prequel to know Ben an close quarters.

Carlos Padaveedan (Black): The brutal don with a moronic laughter, who prays religiously, dotes on his paraplegic son and his army of yes men. A prequel to how the man, probably a religious church-goer morphed into this devilish form would be fascinating.

Narendran (Innale): The heartbroken husband who graciously walks away from the woman he was madly in love with, Narendran is a character that we need to know in broad sketches. The man, the husband, and his love story. And maybe the life he leads after that walkout?

Gujarati boy (Kazhcha): Even today, that image of a dejected Madhavan walking away from the little boy remains a lingering memory. So it does seem natural that the boy’s story needs to be told… what was his life after that moment? Do they meet again? Possibilities are myriad.

Nandagopal Marar (Narasimham): The fiery Supreme Court lawyer who charges 1 lakh per sitting and buddy of Induchoodan. We have already seen how good he is in court but then he seems to have had an exciting journey, battling corporate giants and other bigwigs, being his own man in the dog eat dog world. How about his story? Maybe his rags to riches tale? 

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