"I'm ready to show my film to Rajinikanth," says Faisal Saif

"I'm ready to show my film to Rajinikanth," says Faisal Saif
"I'm ready to show my film to Rajinikanth," says Faisal Saif
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The News Minute | September 26, 2014 | 5.38 pm IST

Director Faisal Saif says he is ready to show his upcoming film "Main Hoon Rajinikanth" to superstar Rajinikanth, who had recently filed an interim injunction on the film's title and its content after he felt it might defame him and upset his fan base.

"I'm ready to show my film to Rajinikanth, Madras High Court or anyone who wishes to see it so that they may come to the right conclusion that it's not based on the superstar in any manner," Faisal said in a statement.

"The case filed by the lawyers of Rajinikanth against my film is absolutely baseless and it has been done without seeing the content of my film," he added.

Incidentally, Rajinikanth moved court after he learned that "Main Hoon Rajinikanth" features scenes of "immoral nature" intended to defame the superstar.

Faisal, a "hardcore Rajinikanth fan", said his film is "not a biopic" on the superstar, and that it's just a funny tribute, which will neither hurt his sentiments or those of his fans.

He added that the title is so "because in my film the main protagonist is named Rajinikanth Rao and he is a CBI Officer."

"When the film is not related to Rajinikanth, what prompted the very kind hearted actor to approach the court even without seeing my film, I really fail to understand," he asked.

Faisal also pointed out that when Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has already passed my film, so "how can we say the film has scenes of immoral nature!"

He added that these baseless statements have "defamed" his film, which is yet to release in cinemas.

According to the lawsuit, a notice was sent to the makers of "Main Hoon Rajinikanth". But Faisal said that he or his team hasn't received it yet.

He admits that "Rajinikanth has brought a new right called Personality Rights, which is very much commendable and has opened a gate where celebrities can protect their rights."

"These rights are talked about mostly in the West. But doesn't West approve the idea of spoof and tributes? In fact, they are taken in a very healthy way," he said.

Faisal also denied that he has used any caricature, name, style or dialogues of Rajinikanth in his film, which features Adithya Menon in the lead.


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