Bollywood confidential - Who is Peecee sparring with?

Bollywood confidential - Who is Peecee sparring with?
Bollywood confidential - Who is Peecee sparring with?
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Anjali J| The News Minute| August 17, 2014| 5.00 pm IST

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To the world, she's the perfect 'bahu'- Happy to let her husband take the spotlight (even though she's the bigger personality), say the right things in the press, do the right things in the public eye, and all of it, followed by her world famous million dollar smile. But close pals of the lady in question swear that the bahu's already fragile relationship with her ma-in-law is only going from bad to worse.

At a recent glitzy do hosted by her husband, while the rest of the family, hubby included, walked in together and even posed for the all important photo-ops, the bahu chose to walk in minutes later with her brother & father in tow. Eye-witnesses at the event report that the saas-bahu duo were seated several rows apart to avoid any awkwardness and made all of zero attempts at exchanging pleasantries.


She's recently been announced as the female lead opposite Irrfan Khan in Ashi Dua's ambitious love story on the Sahir Ludhianvi & Amrita Pritam affair. But getting Miss Chopra to sign the dotted line was no easy task. Reason? Irrfan & Priyanka last worked together on Vishal Bharadwaj's 'Saat Khoon Maaf' and those on set at the time swear that the experience was anything but enjoyable. Apparently, the boxing beauty queen was annoyed that Khan overshadowed her with his acting prowess in almost every scene they had together.

The same insecurity has struck Chopra this time around too. And hence, instead of grabbing the author backed role like she might’ve earlier, it took the actor close to 3 months to finally say yes. This, after a huge dose of ‘maska’, much pacifying on part of the direction team and repeated assurances that she would be given the same amount of screen time as Khan. Could she get any more ‘diva-esque’?


And there’s more on Priyanka Chopra. On the face of it, the team of ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ might’ve posed happily for Instagram & Twitter pictures galore, but turns out the principle cast of Zoya’s next, Priyanka & Ranveer were anything but happy while shooting with each other aboard the cruise liner. Production hands on the film claim that while on set, Chopra used her ‘senior’ tag to the hilt to ensure that she got her way almost always, thereby annoying Singh. This included reporting time, dialogues, close up shots etc. And who bore the brunt of these starry tantrums? The assistant directors of course!

For those not in the know, Priyanka & Ranveer share some rather unpleasant history from when promoted ‘Gunday’ together earlier this year. Priyanka (and reportedly, Arjun) didn’t take light of the fact that Ranveer constantly stole the limelight from them with all his antics.

Sparring with co-stars? Probably just another lesson Chopra learnt in the ring!

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