YS Vivekananda murder: CBI reiterates Avinash Reddy’s role in destroying crime scene

The CBI urged the Telangana High Court not to grant anticipatory bail to YS Avinash Reddy as it wants to interrogate him further.
A file image of YS Avinash Reddy
A file image of YS Avinash Reddy
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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has reiterated its doubts about the role played by Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy in the murder of former Andhra Pradesh minister YS Vivekananda Reddy in March 2019. The CBI, in its latest affidavit submitted in the Telangana High Court last week, has urged the court not to grant anticipatory bail to Avinash as it wants to interrogate him further in custody.

The central agency once again informed the court that their investigation has revealed that the scene of the crime was destroyed. “Investigation further revealed that the destruction of scene of crime was carried out while YS Avinash Reddy and YS Bhaskar Reddy were present in the house of YS Vivekanand Reddy. Though YS Avinash Reddy was present inside the drawing room/lawn area, however, YS Bhaskar Reddy along with D Siva Shankar Reddy, YS Manohar Reddy and Y Gangi Reddy remained inside the bedroom and actively participated in the destruction of evidence at scene of crime despite objections of some of the respectables (sic),” reads a paragraph in the affidavit.

The CBI affidavit also says, “During examination, he (YS Avinash Reddy) given evasive replies and found not divulging the true facts.” Further stating why the CBI may require arrest and custodial examination of Avinash, the CBI said, “...destruction of evidence at the scene of crime was carried out in furtherance to the conspiracy of murder, at the behest of YS Avinash Reddy, YS Bhaskar Reddy, D Siva Shankar Reddy and Yerra Gangi Reddy which is evident from several eye witnesses. It is also submitted that as revealed during investigation, the act of destruction of evidence at the scene of crime was integral part of the conspiracy for commission of murder.”

The CBI also reiterated that Avinash was the one who came up with the idea of passing off Vivekanand Reddy’s death as a heart attack. The CBI also insisted on custodial interrogation to find answers to some crucial questions that remain pending. The money trail of Rs 4 crore, allegedly distributed among the assailants, is one of them. The CBI added, “YS Avinash Reddy and his associates are indulging in influencing the investigation as well as witnesses of the case.”

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