TDP promises welfare measures, political representation for BC community before polls

A bill ensuring 33% reservation for BCs in the state legislature will be passed and sent to the Union government for approval, the resolution read.
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Ahead of the simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha polls in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Tuesday, March 5, released their Backward Classes (BC) declaration under the banner ‘Jai Ho BC’. The BC declaration aims to provide various benefits for the betterment of the community across the state. 

The TDP promised that a pension scheme of Rs 4000 per month will be given to each adult above the age of 50 if the party was voted to power. Addressing the media, TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh further alleged that under the YSRCP government led by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy several false cases were foisted on members of the BC community and many others were murdered under the current administration. Lokesh said that if voted to power, the TDP will bring in a law specifically to protect BCs against atrocities. 

Lokesh further stated that the TDP has encouraged the BC community as BC leaders like Yanamala Ramakrishudu and Yerram Naidu worked for the party. The TDP assured that washing machines would be provided to the Rajaka community under the ‘Aadharna scheme’.  

The declaration, unveiled at a public meeting in Mangalagiri, further stated that for the coming five years under the BC sub plan, the TDP would spend Rs 1.5 crore Peland alleged that the YSRCP government had diverted crores of rupees meant for BC sub plans under their rule. 

A bill ensuring 33% reservation for BCs in the state legislature will be passed and sent to the Union government for approval. They further said that 34% reservation for BCs in all institutions and nominated posts would be ensured. 

TDP said that corporations for BCs will be set up on the basis of their population and funds would be provided accordingly. The BC declaration further promised that Rs 10,000 crores would be allotted for self-employment for the BCs. 

Among other promises, the TDP stated that they would conduct caste census legally, the Pelli Kanuka scheme (providing financial benefits for newly married women) will be increased to Rs 1 lakh and the Chandranna Bheema scheme (insurance coverage for workers) would be revived and Rs 10 lakhs worth insurance would be provided. Lokesh further stated that all educational schemes introduced by the TDP would be revived if voted to power. 

"TDP will take the responsibility of doing justice to the 153 castes, release funds for them, and uplift them economically. We will uplift the backward class community economically, socially, and politically," he said.

“Residential schools in the constituencies will be upgraded to junior colleges and foreign education would be implemented. Fee Reimbursement will also be restored for PG students and study circle and education schemes under TDP’s previous governance will be restarted,” the declaration read. 

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