Pawan Kalyan to stay away from film shoots for 3 months

The Jana Sena leader said he apologised to producers about not being able to do film shoots.
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Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister and actor Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday, July 3 said he will stay away from film shoots for three months. Addressing a public meeting in his Assembly constituency Pithapuram, he said that whenever possible, he would give one or two days for film shoots.

When his fans shouted "OG" (the name of his upcoming film), Pawan Kalyan asked them if they thought he would have time to act in movies. "I have to make sure that you don’t abuse me for not even filling potholes on roads. That’s why I have to first do what I promised. Otherwise, you will ask me ‘Kiya Ji’ we elected you and you are doing ‘OG’," the Tollywood star said amid loud cheers by the crowd.

The Jana Sena leader said he apologised to producers about not being able to do film shoots. "I told them I will serve people of Andhra Pradesh and whenever possible, I will do shoots for 2-3 days without disrupting the work," he said.

Pawan Kalyan raised the curiosity of his fans with the remark that "OG" would be a good movie. With Pawan Kalyan and Priyanka Mohan in lead roles, the film also stars Emraan Hashmi in his Telugu debut. The action thriller is written and directed by Sujeeth.

Pawan Kalyan is on his first visit to Pithapuram after his victory in the elections and after assuming office as the Deputy Chief Minister. On July 1, he announced that he would not accept his salary and any special allowances, including new furniture for his office, considering the precarious financial condition of the state.

At the public meeting on July 3, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the people of Pithapuram have given him the strength to have a say in national politics. He claimed that no political party in the country has achieved a 100 per cent strike rate. The Jana Sena won all 21 Assembly and two Lok Sabha seats it contested. "Some people said they will not allow Pawan Kalyan even to cross the Assembly gate. People of Peethapuram took this seriously. TDP leader Varma said Pawan Kalyan will not just cross the Assembly gate but will break the gate to enter. His words have come true," he said.

Pawan Kalyan said many people wanted him to take the Home portfolio but considering Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of gram swaraj, he took the Panchayat Raj Department. "I don’t need bribes. I told officials to make sure that funds are not misused. I pay taxes on my income. Now, since this is your money, I am seeking details from officials about every rupee. I am controlling expenditure in my department," he said.

Pawan Kalyan holds the portfolios of Panchayat Raj, Rural Development & Rural Water Supply, Environment, Forest, and Science & Technology.

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