Kidnapped Hyderabad dentist rescued, kidnappers demanded Rs 10 crore in bitcoins

The coordinated efforts of the police from 4 states has helped nab seven out of a total of 12 accused.
Kidnapped dentist
Kidnapped dentist
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A Hyderabad-based dentist, 56-year-old Behjath Hussain, who was kidnapped from his hospital in Bandlaguda on Tuesday afternoon was rescued by Anantapur police near Rapthadu in the early hours of Wednesday. The Cyberabad police nabbed seven of the 12 accused and the doctor has also been rescued from the clutches of the kidnappers with the help of the Andhra police. The Cyberabad commissioner appreciated the coordination between the Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Police.
In a story that seems like the storyline from a Bollywood script, the alleged motive of the kidnap was a ransom of Rs 10 crore. The kidnappers demanded that the ransom be paid in bitcoins. On receiving information regarding the kidnap, the Telangana police alerted the Andhra Police regarding the movement of the kidnappers which was then traced based on their cell phone location.
The seven accused are all between the age group of 18 to 28 years. The prime accused was found to be the relative of the dentist's wife. He lived in Australia and it is for monetary gains that he resorted to kidnapping Hussain in order to extort money. The kidnap was well-planned and two teams were formed, one team to abduct the doctor and another to escort the doctor to a safe location in Karnataka until the ransom was received. The two teams consisted of 12 members in total, out of which three are from Udupi in Karnataka, some of the accused hail from Pune in Maharashtra and the rest are from Hyderabad.  
The accused had threatened to kill the father, wife and children of the doctor if the ransom wasn’t paid within 48 hours. A voice note was sent to the doctor’s family demanding ransom. As per the plan, the abduction team consisting of four members, abducted the doctor and took him to Yellamma Banda in Kukatpally. Until night he was kept there and then at midnight the doctor was handed over to the escort team who then proceeded towards Bengaluru. The accused had used toy pistols during the abduction.  
The dentist was found sitting on the floor of the car. He was covered under a sheet. His wrists were tied up by the kidnappers. When he was rescued, he was writhing in pain. His fingers and legs were bruised. A long piece of cloth was found rotated around his neck along with a lot of packing tape. According to the police personnel who rescued him, in the first look, the doctor who was made to sit on the floor of the car would easily be mistaken to be a luggage bag.  
A vehicle with a Maharashtra registration was used by the kidnappers. Explaining the series of events, Hussain said, “I was kidnapped by five unknown persons who suddenly turned up to my dental hospital near Kali Hospital in Kismatpur. They were dressed in burqas. They beat me and I too resisted. They then carried me away. My car key was kept on the table, they took the key and reversed my car and took me away to a certain distance. There I was taken off the vehicle and in an auto they took me to a room located in an unknown place. They knew where I resided. They mentioned the name of the building when they spoke to me.”  
According to the Andhra Police, in view of Operation Muskaan, all officers were on rounds since 4 am early this morning and this helped quickly respond to the call. The district SP was the one who had received a call from Cyberabad Commissioner saying the person kidnapped was heading towards Bengaluru.  
12 teams were formed in total by the Cyberabad Police. The vehicle was intercepted in Rapthadu. Around 2 am the vehicle was intercepted at Marur toll plaza. 
According to the police, the doctor is also into real estate. They demanded a ransom of 10 crores which was to be paid in bitcoins. The team of five handed over the doctor to another team and asked them to leave to Karnataka. When the Anantapur police tried to intercept them based on the information received from the Hyderabad Police, the kidnappers diverted to Kanaganapalli. While the others ran away into the fields, the vehicle and one of the accused was caught. 
An Innova, a Bolero, an Indica, seven cell phones, toy pistols and other materials used in the kidnap of the doctor have been seized by the police.

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