'Govt agencies weaponized’: TDP MP Jayadev Galla's farewell speech in Parliament

He said that business leaders should be able to take a stand against the government but in India, it risked getting targeted by various agencies.
TDP MP Galla Jayadev
TDP MP Galla Jayadev
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Jayadev Galla, a Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP representing Guntur, in his farewell speech in Lok Sabha reiterated his decision to take a break from politics and redirect his attention to his business. He said that he would not be participating in the upcoming general elections because of the "weaponization" of government agencies. Jayadev said he is also a businessman and it is not easy to sail on two boats. 

A two-time MP and head of Rs 5,300 cr Amara Raja Group, Jayadev had announced his decision not to contest the polls three days ago citing harassment by the Union government and the Andhra Pradesh government. During a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's address, he said, “I have decided not to contest this general election. I come from a family that has a legacy of fighting for people but it is not easy to sail on two boats, to be in public life and to continue as an entrepreneur. So I have decided to give a pause to my political life.”

He said that it is common for business people to participate in political administration in developed nations, and they can play an important part in helping people take charge of their economic destinies. However, in India he said that this involvement often leads to constant fear about reprisals and vendettas.

"To start and run a business, one has to get more than 70 approvals from various agencies and each of these agencies can be weaponized by the party in power which is detrimental to the Make in India initiative, Atmanirbhar Abhiyaan and defeats the very objective of ease of doing business," he said.

Later, in a Facebook post, he said that business leaders should be able to take a stand against the government but in India, it risked getting targeted by various agencies.

“Business leaders should be part of the political process as they drive economic development. They must have the #freedom to express their opinions and, if necessary, take a stand against the government without fear of reprisals. In India, they have to navigate the complex approval process and deal with numerous agencies, which can be weaponized by the party in power. Such actions not only defeat the very objective of #EaseofDoingBusiness, but can also alienate expertise crucial for economic growth and modern administration,” he said in the FB post.

The Guntur MP is known for his vehement criticism directed at the Narendra Modi government, however, he expressed admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and said it propelled the country to new heights. He also said the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya had “redefined and rediscovered our civilisation”. 

“I compliment PM Modi ji for finally consecrating the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The entire country is greatly indebted to him. I plan to visit the temple one day as it realises the 500-year-old dream of the Hindus. The world knows us as an ancient civilization, but I must say that the stones may be old but they have been chiselled afresh. Our civilization is born again. January 22 has redefined and rediscovered our civilization,” he said. The MP also went on to list the top 10 achievements of the Modi government.

Jayadev had previously allegedly faced harassment in his business due to maintaining a viewpoint contrary to that of the ruling party. When he declared his break a week ago, the MP said that the challenging conditions imposed by both state and central governments had created obstacles in sustaining his political career. Speaking at a press conference, Jayadev said he had undergone two rounds of questioning by the Enforcement Directorate regarding issues he had raised in Parliament.

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