‘Don’t vote for Jagan, he’s shielding my father’s murderers’: YS Vivekananda’s daughter

Suneetha said that CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was shielding YS Avinash Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy, and appealed to people to not vote for YSRCP in the upcoming Assembly elections.
Suneetha Narreddy
Suneetha Narreddy
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Accusing Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy of obstructing the CBI investigation of her father’s assassination, Dr Suneetha Narreddy, said that the YSRCP should not return to power in Andhra Pradesh. 

Addressing the media on Friday, March 1, Suneetha said, “This government should not come back. The two accused Avinash Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy (also members of the YS family) are being shielded by the YSRCP led state government. If this government comes back to power, there is no hope for justice.” 

Dr Suneetha Narreddy is the daughter of former Kadapa MP YS Vivekananda Reddy. He was killed in 2019, just a few days ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.  The CBI has accused incumbent Kadapa MP YS Avinash and his father YS Bhaskar Reddy for the murder.

Appealing to the people to vote against the YSRCP, Suneetha Reddy thanked leaders of the opposition leaders for their support in the case. “Several people took up this case not just as a regular case, but as a cause. People like Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief Chandrababu Naidu, Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan, Nara Lokesh, Bonda Uma, Pattabhi and others have fought for the cause. Specifically, my sister, YS Sharmila has fought for this case to do what is indisputably right,” she said.  

Suneetha maintained that while she was not accusing YS Jagan of being involved in the crime, but he had been hindering the investigation, she alleged.

“It is not my place to say if the CM is involved in the case or not. But the CBI investigation isn’t taking place as it should,” she added.  TDP national spokesperson Jyothsna Tirunagari also said that CM Jagan’s “deliberate attempt” to stall the investigation process brings out a grim reality of the law-and-order situation in Andhra Pradesh. 

Responding to Suneetha Reddy’s statement, YSRCP leader Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said that by thanking leaders of the TDP and Jana Sena, she has proven that she is a pawn in the hands of TDP. “There is no truth to any statements Dr Suneetha has made. As elections are getting closer, this is a political ploy and that’s the only way it should be seen,” he added. 

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