YSRCP MLA Koneti Adi Moolam refuses Tirupati ticket after Satyavedu not allocated

In a video statement, the MLA alleged that party regional coordinator, Pedddireddy Ramchandra Reddy was behind the seat allocation and was abusing his position of power within the party.
Satyavedu MLA Koneti Adi Moolam
Satyavedu MLA Koneti Adi Moolam
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Koneti Adi Moolam, sitting MLA from Satyavedu constituency from Tirupati district, on Sunday, January 28, refused the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) ticket for the Lok Sabha elections after he was denied a ticket from his desired constituency. Representing the reserved seat and a member of the Scheduled Caste community, the MLA claimed the party unfairly singled out MLAs from lowered castes groups while allocating tickets. In addition, he alleged that Pedddireddy Ramchandra Reddy, who was behind seat allocation, was abusing his position of power within the party.

On January 11, the YSRCP released its list of in-charges for several constituencies ahead of Assembly elections and Adimoolam was allocated Tirupati Lok Sabha (SC reserved constituency) ticket instead of Satyavedu. Meanwhile, the sitting MP of Tirupati, M Gurumurthy was appointed as the incharge of the Satyavedu constituency. Koneti Adi Moolam joins the list of increasing numbers of candidates who have quit over ticket denials.

"I worked hard for the party in the constituency. I was loyal to Chief Minister Jagan and Pedddireddy Ramchandra Reddy. Why am I being treated like this?” the MLA said in a video statement. He also said he was disappointed with the decision to give him the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat.

"How can Ramachandra Reddy assume that candidates from Backward Classes (BC) and Dalits will contest from anywhere they choose?” he questioned. 

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is the Minister for Energy and Forests and also the party coordinator for the Rayalaseema region. He currently faces allegations of unilaterally reshuffling and replacing candidates from Scheduled Caste reserved seats and Backward Class seats without prior discussion.

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