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You don't mess with Parvathy: Director Jude Anthany trolls actor, gets slammed in style

The director, who indirectly called Parvathy a monkey in a circus, was roundly ticked off for his cringe-worthy post.

Bigger than London and NY: Bengaluru police crosses 1 million mark on Twitter

Among metros in India, the Bengaluru city police is now second to the Mumbai police handle, which has 4 million followers.

Amul honours Shashi Tharoor with cartoon, MP says he feels like ‘Tharoorsaurus Rex’

Shashi Tharoor's love for long words has often sent people scurrying for a dictionary.

A left-handed child couldn't use a sharpener, so a stationery company did this

"Mummy, I am unable to sharpen my pencil, whereas all the other kids easily do that," complained Shweta Singh’s 4-year-old daughter.

Dear Malayalam film industry 'uncles', 'Kasaba' is terrible and Parvathy is right

From calling Parvathy an 'aunty' to likening her comments on the film to 'fascism', the sheer contempt in the words of these men towards a woman actor who has just won an international award for a Malayalam film is breathtaking.

Modern constellations may be named after Harry Potter, Malala to attract youngsters

In a bid to make children today take an interest in stargazing, new constellations will be named after icons they can relate to.

Ever doubted Dhoni's fitness? Watch him outrun Pandya effortlessly in viral video

The video, uploaded by BCCI’s official website, has already been viewed over 5 lakh times.

Men afraid of being accused of harassment while flirting: This actor’s note is for you

“I love being flirted with. I don’t like being sexually harassed,” says Kate Willett in a Facebook Post that is going viral.

Did Shashi Tharoor take a sly dig at himself? Look up 'rodomontade' and tell us

Tharoor was attempting to clarify his supposed speaking/writing style when he used the word ‘rodomontade’.

Virushka trumps Suriya: Actor’s ‘TSK’ unveiling loses Golden Tweet to celeb wedding

The second look of Suriya's 'Thaana Sernda Kootam' was the most retweeted in 2017, till Virat and Anushka got married.