Who says coffee is king in South India? Tea rooms are here to stay

Tea rooms are catching on in South India and offer a wide variety of the beverage for discerning patrons.

From Dylan to Shakespeare, literature often finds its way into the Indian courtroom

Figures from the literary canon find themselves often used, in varied and unusual ways, by judges across the country.

Why time seems to fly – or trickle – by

Why does this distortion occur? What causes it?

Kuthiraivalli cake, anyone? The millet makes a comeback to South India

Gluten intolerance? Diabetes? Millets to the rescue.

The smart parent’s guide to bringing up boys: 7 rules to cultivate gender-aware men

Sexism and harassment are not ‘women’s problems’, and it’s high time parents spoke to their boys about gender and equality.

From investment to self-expression: The modern South Indian woman's jewelry collection

Currently, a range of accessories made of terracotta, polymer clay and silk thread are popular.

Book review: What is it like to be gay in small town Karnataka and love in fear?

"Why should we be so scared? Have we murdered anybody? We just love each other."

Five ways the media hurts female politicians, and how journalists everywhere can do better

If you wouldn’t ask it of a man, don’t ask a woman!

How to find your masala dosa and eat it too: Tips for the fussy South Indian traveller

If you're not a millennial who can eat any kind of food, don't force yourself.

Breaking the bro code: Why men need to speak up against misogyny among themselves

The bro-code within our families and friends’ circles thrives on mutual encouragement, complicit silence and, at best, looking the other way.

The Diary of My Period: Romanian artist creates painting using her menstrual blood

The artist painted one square of an image of a foetus every month for 9 months using her period blood

Contraceptive Cruelty: How patriarchy determines birth control use in India

Many women are made to believe that they must shoulder the responsibility of contraception alone, or disproportionately.

Fights, hairstyles, cars and dolls: When 25 kids spoke about gender

Children know and understand more than what we give them credit for.

The limits of power and the power of veto: What Ambedkar thought was crucial to democracy

Ambedkar writes that the skeleton of Constitution must be given flesh by constitutional morality, a readiness to obey the rules of the game.

Remembering Tyagaraja, the guardian saint of Carnatic music, on his 250th birth anniversary

Musicians and music lovers from all over the world are gathered in Thiruvayaru to pay tribute to the singer saint.

It's time to wake up to the devastating impact flying has on the environment

Aviation is essentially a fossil fuel industry, and one which guzzles an eye-watering 5m barrels of oil every day.

Sexuality education doesn't mean teaching your kids to have sex: Here's why it's important

We need to tell children about the consequences of their actions. Tell them about hormones and curiosity.

Painting the truth with strokes of fact: Molly Crabapple is bringing art back into journalism

Molly has caught international attention with journalistic illustrations from places like Guantanamo Bay, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

A puzzling paradox: Why do people in the sunny South suffer from Vitamin D deficiency?

South India gets abundant sunshine but do you make use of it?

The Good Girl’s Dress Code: How schools police girls’ bodies in the name of modesty

It’s problematic that most schools reinforce society’s ideas about what girls should and shouldn’t wear to be considered ‘decent’.

Moving back home: Why some Indians choose to return to India leaving behind their comfortable lives abroad

For some it is coming back to their roots, for a few others it is living their dreams.