MY V3 ADS: Case registered against MLM company in Coimbatore, investors protest | Sakthi Anandan

Thousands of people from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh gathered in Coimbatore on Monday, January 29, following a police case against MY V3 Ads, an online Multi Level marketing (MLM) company. Normally, such crowds gather when an MLM scam breaks out, however in this case, people arrived on trucks, lorries, and tractors, and assembled at the Neelambur L&T bypass road in Coimbatore alleging that the case taken up by the Coimbatore Central Crime Branch police was false and urged the police to withdraw it. The road roko continued for three hours until the Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) pacified the protesters. MY V3 ADS is an online Multi-Level Marketing Business (MLM) company run by Sakthi Anandan, a resident of Thaliyur in the Coimbatore district. It offers people money for watching ads on YouTube channels. However, people have to pay the company to become a member of this business. As per reports, there are several categories to become a member of this business. The membership ranges from Rs 360 to Rs 21,000. The company promised a person would earn money between Rs 5 to Rs 1800 per day by watching YouTube ads. MY V3 ADS has more than 50 lakh subscribers and it sells home appliances, health and beauty care products. TNM’s Shabbir Ahmed speaks to Ashok Srinithi, district secretary of PMK who lodged the complaint against MY V3 ADS firm.
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